If you're currently revisiting Veronica Mars in preparation for the revival's arrival at Hulu, or if you're a brand new Marshmallow currently streaming it for the first time ever, chances are you'll recognize some very famous faces throughout the halls of Neptune High during your binge session.

Throughout its original three-season run, the show played host to a number of celebrity guest stars, from those who were already mega-famous at the time to those who were still coming into their household name status as they helped build all the mini-mysteries Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) would put her sleuth skills to work on.

Veronica Mars: Where Are They Now?

Season 4 looks to follow suit by bringing forward some supporting stars you'll most definitely know as well, so let's break out those long lenses and investigate some of that A-lister action by hitting the gallery below to see the most famous Veronica Mars guest stars of all time.

Veronica Mars Seasons 1-3 are now officially available for streaming on Hulu.

Season 4 will premiere on July 26.

PHOTOS: The Most Famous Veronica Mars Guest Stars

Paris Hilton and Kristen Bell, <em>Veronica Mars</em>Paris Hilton and Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars