It's been another week of fun on the small screen scene, and to keep you up to speed, here are some of our picks for the biggest highlights of TV this week.

Meanest parlor game: No one knows how to humiliate his nearest and dearest quite like Logan Roy (Brian Cox) from Succession. In the latest episode, he took (almost) all of his children and top aides on a hunting getaway, and, in an effort to suss out who'd betrayed him by speaking to a biographer, he forced some of them to crawl around and fight for sausages in a rousing, no-rules game called "Boar on the Floor." If that's not the most convincing showcase of how terribly powerful Logan Roy is, we don't know what is.

Most deserved award: Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott was awarded the Video Vanguard award at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday evening, and it was easily the most well-earned prize of the evening. Her music videos from the late '90s and early aughts were always inventive and exhilarating to watch, and when she made a comeback with her marionette dance game alongside Pharrell in "WTF," she raised the bar yet again like the living legend she is.

Strangest theme song switch: After five seasons of using the same version of 50 Cent's "Big Rich Town," featuring Joe, the Season 6 premiere of Power presented a remixed version of the song from Trey Songz, and fans were not having it. The memes that followed were hilarious and scathing all at once. 50 Cent addressed the backlash with a series of Instagram posts condemning the flak, but why fix what wasn't broken?

Best comeback: When Alton Brown revealed he was filming new episodes of his educational culinary series Good Eats, those of us who loved the original series, which ran from 1999 to 2012 and launched Brown into Food TV Stardom, were ecstatic about the news. The first two episodes of the revived series, known as Good Eats: The Return, finally arrived on our televisions this week, bringing with them new recipes featuring foods like quinoa and chia seeds. Nothing shouts "Oh hey, it's 2019!" more than that. And yet, everything we loved about the original Good Eats, including Brown's sense of humor and storytelling style is in place here too. Please never leave us again, Good Eats. - Kaitlin Thomas

Least likely besties: When Beth Ann (Ginnifer Goodwin) first introduced herself to her husband's mistress on Why Women Kill, we all kind of figured that by the end of the series she was going to snap and murder the woman sleeping with her husband. In an unlikely turn of events though, these women have developed a pretty sweet and supportive relationship despite Beth Ann lying about who she really is. In fact, after just a few weeks of knowing Beth Ann, April (Sadie Calvano) has turned out to be more supportive of this housewife's secret hopes and dreams than her own husband. At this point, we kind of hope these two end up murdering Rob (Sam Jaegar) and running off to live their best lives together. - Lindsay MacDonald

Best binge: Fans of Jim Henson's classic The Dark Crystal are in for a real treat this weekend with Netflix's prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The show pulls off the feat of upgrading the puppetry and effects without losing the trippy vibes and atmosphere of the original film. For anyone who was resistant to see this '80s favorite get new screen life, Age of Resistance will undoubtedly change your mind, and the trek back to Thra will be nothing short of a thrill.

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The Dark Crystal: Age of ResistanceThe Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance