Fox's The Orville loves to take sci-fi premises and put a regular Joe spin on them, and that's exactly what happens when Ed (Seth MacFarlane) and Gordon (Scott Grimes) go undercover as the evil Krill.

With their focus on trying to stay alive while emulating their crustacean-y rivals, the BFFs forgot one important part of their plan: what will their Krill names be? What is a Krill name? Do they go by regular names like Bob? I would totally be friends with a Krill named Bob. Is your Krill name the name of your first pet followed by the street you grew up on? Ed and Gordon have different, funnier ideas.

So why are they going undercover in the first place? Ed and Gordon are heading to a Krill colony in order to steal the species' bible, named the Ankhana. Given their aggressive nature and belligerent behavior, our guess is it's full of Hellfire and cocktail sauce.

The Orville airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on Fox.