The Masked Singer will unveil Group B in a new episode Wednesday — with a class of creatures that includes Serpent, Seahorse, Baby Alien, Gremlin, Crocodile, and Whatcamacallit. Season 4 is, as you know, already full of twists and surprises, from changes in set design to competition between judges. And from what we know of Wednesday's episode, yet another gasp-worthy moment is on the way. As E! reported, one of the six contestants in this new group decides, moments before judging, to take off their mask and eliminate his or herself from the game — a move that catches everyone off guard and makes it so that everyone in Group B moves forward. (A source at Fox confirmed the report for TV Guide.)

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And that's just the half of it! In this exclusive clip, newcomer Crocodile enters the fray and immediately sets off alarm bells for Robin Thicke, who by the way is doing some kind of Hawaii-inspired, DILF-on-holiday look that's both puzzling and becoming. As you can see in the sneak peek, Thicke is sure that Crocodile is a former boy bander from Boston, which makes him suspicious that Crocodile might be Jenny McCarthy's husband Donnie Wahlberg. Of course, that name has been thrown out many. many times before, and it would certainly be odd if Jenny didn't notice her husband was missing for several hours of the day during a pandemic but hey, stranger things have happened, right? 

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