OK so the bad news is that The Masked Singer only has four creatures left in the game. Sad face! This bad news is softened a little bit by the fact that plans for Season 4 are already underway and it might be here sooner than we thought, but still. This season's clues were among the hardest ever to pin down — even if, by now, the compound effect of all these hints over time has made the singers' identities harder and harder to conceal. Of course, we'll never know for sure until those heads come off, but below you'll see the results of super sleuthing and internet scouring that have led us to make some very informed guesses about who's who.

Season 3 saw The Masked Singer step its celebrity game up in a major way with contestants boasting 69 Grammys, 88 gold records, and 11 Super Bowl appearances, among other achievements. So far, The Masked Singer has yanked the heads off some truly beloved entertainers, including, improbably, Lil Wayne and R&B legends Dionne Warwick and Chaka Khan. There's still a lot more Scooby Doo-style unmasking to be done, and there's a whole solar system of possible stars underneath those fuzzy heads. Who could the celebrities under the remaining masks be? Here are all of our best guesses with all the clues we've got. Eliminated contestants and their revealed identities can be found at the bottom of the list.

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Night Angel - Kandi Burruss!

The Masked Singer, Night QueenThe Masked Singer, Night Queen

Pretty sure this is: Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss

How we know: Well, the voice, for starters: she sounds exactly like the singer-songwriter and reality star. One of the clues in her first package showed her opening a door that led to a group of angry older women — and she owns a restaurant named Old Lady Gang. In her most recent appearance, she said she was a mogul — and the singer-songwriter slash restauranteur slash producer definitely qualifies for that label. Night Angel has also alluded to "Bills, Bills. Bills," the song she co-wrote for Destiny's Child (we saw men with duck bills for lips) and when she sang "You Give Love a Bad Name" she said the song was "a little bit dangerous, a little bit sweet, just like me," — a clear allusion to her name. Week 11 saw her drop even more hints this is Kandi, including another reference to "The Boy Is Mine" — the R&B hit that's in this singer-songwriter's songbook.

Other guesses: None of them matter; this is definitely Kandi.

Rhino - Barry Zito!

The Masked Singer, RhinoThe Masked Singer, Rhino

Pretty sure this is: Baseball player turned singer Barry Zito.

How we know: Old thinking had Rhino as John Travolta, and then country singer Sam Hunt but in his second week, Rhino's top notch singing put that in doubt. The biggest inkling this was Travolta was his aviation references (Travolta loves flying planes) but as he showed in his second week of performing, Rhino is looking more like a pro singer. Early on Rhino called himself a "gentle giant" — the team (Giants) Zito once played for and a snapshot of a line in a yearbook that said "performing for a king being in your blood" is a likely reference to his parents singing for Nat King Cole back in the day. He has said he was very famous when he was younger — which became an addition he lost — and we saw a giant guitar with "Grand Ole Opry" on its neck, a motorcycle, and butterflies. Zito co-wrote a song called "Butterflies" that appeared in Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words. The Grand Ole Opry reference might allude to his playing on a charity baseball team for a City of Hope Celebrity Softball game representing the Opry, and his admission that he got addicted to celebrity is documented in his memoir, Curveball: How I Discovered True Fulfillment After Chasing Fortune and Fame.

Other guesses: Tim McGraw, who's married to Faith Hill (Faith was a clue in a previous week) and has performed at the Grand Ole Opry, but it's most likely Barry Ziito.

The Turtle - Jesse McCartney!

This is absolutely: Jesse McCartney

How we know: First of all, Turtle is one of the show's best performers — a gifted singer and dancer who's absolutely crushing his songs week after week — so he's definitely a seasoned entertainer. One big clue came when he wrote "Don't rave ever at my school - Turtle" on a chalkboard. Taken together, the first letters of each word spell Dream St., like Dream Street, the name of the boy band McCartney was in. He once mentioned he was "on the hunt for booty," and fans of the singer and actor (All My Children, Greek) think that's a nod to a lyric "That thing you got behind you is amazing," which he's used in more than one song. One clue showed him with a surfboard, which is a likely nod to his appearance in Summerland — or maybe the Teen Choice Awards (he's a seven-time nominee and one-time winner). Another clue referenced South Korea's capital city, Seoul (as in his song "Beautiful Soul"). A clue in the April 1 episode — a comic book titled " The Amazing Adventures of Shellboy" priced at $10.13 — was likely a nod to McCartney voicing the comic superhero character Dick Grayson in the animated Young Justice series. He did that from 2010 to 2013, a far from subtle tease. Clues in Week 11 about the White House and an accordion sealed it. It's Jesse!

Other guesses: Some have floated Zac Efron as a possibility, but there's no way. It's totally Jesse.

The Frog - Bow Wow!

<p>The Frog, The Masked Singer Season 3 </p>

The Frog, The Masked Singer Season 3

This is definitely: Bow Wow

How we know: Frog slayed 50 Cent's "In Da Club," and his choices in subsequent weeks make it clear he's a hip hop star. Have you seen his dancing skills? An early glimpse at $106 was a nod to his time on 106 & Park. Moreover, letters on a keyboard highlighted the letters C,S, and I — a hint at Bow Wow's time on CSI: Cyber. Frog has hinted a prince a few times; Bow Wow has had a song titled "Prince of Darkness." Aposter of the 1996 Olympics, which were in Atlanta, is where Bow Wow lives.

Other guesses: Producer Jermaine Dupri might not be a bad guess, since Frog said he had to fit in with the big frogs from "jump jump" (the 90s track from Kriss Kross Dupri produced) and Frog performed that song in Episode 10.

Kitty (Eliminated in Week 13)

<p>The Masked Singer </p>

The Masked Singer

Yup, this was singer-actress Jackie Evancho!

How we knew: Earlier guesses had actress-singer Elizabeth Gillies as the voice inside the Kitty costume, but as the clues mounted, it became clear this was the classical pop singer, who won second place on Season 5 of America's Got Talent. One week, Kitty's clues included opera glasses, and Evancho is an opera singer. Another time, we saw a glass rose in a package — a nod towards her performance of "La Vie en Rose" with Jumaane Smith. Another week, Kitty admitted that she's always struggled with her self-image, something Evancho has been vocal about. A cameo with Tree could be a reference to her several Christmas albums, and Kitty's mention that she got her first role with an assist from Robert Redford sure does look like it's a reference to The Company You Keep, the movie she starred in with the film icon. Lastly, Kitty once gave Robin Thicke a bracelet that read "Fireworks" after a performance, with her mentioning that they'd met before: Evancho and Thicke both performed at The Grove Tree Lighting & Fireworks event in 2011.

Astronaut (Eliminated in Week 12)

The Masked Singer, AstronautThe Masked Singer, Astronaut

We knew it! This was country singer and five-time Grammy nominee Hunter Hayes.

How we knew: That voice! He released an album last year, Wild Blue, which includes a title track that makes allusions to a love of space. His first week clue package also included a Hawaiian lei — a nod to one his favorite places in the world and where he wrote a song, "Heartbreak" — but in his second week, he called Stevie Wonder a friend before performing "Signed, Sealed Delivered." Hayes and Stevie Wonder have performed together twice — on Dancing with the Stars and the ACM Awards, where they looked totally adorable hanging out together in the press room. Astronaut also said something about "help from someone from an organized crime family" in his second week, and Hayes is also buddies with Godfather star Robert Duvall. This spacey singer has made a number of references to being in the business since he was a kid, as Hayes has, and Hayes holds a Guinness World Record for playing a record number of shows (10) in 24 hours. Nick Cannon said at the outset that one of the masked singers had one such title -- leaving little doubt this could have been anyone other than Hunter Hayes. His clue package from the April 1 episode showed an actual album shattering — a "broken record" was proof positive this is Hunter. Week 11 hints about the White House, where he's performed, and an accordion, which he plays, sealed it.

Banana (Eliminated in Week 11)

<p>The Banana, The Masked Singer Season 3 </p>

The Banana, The Masked Singer Season 3

Just as we guessed, this was Bret Michaels, formerly of Poison!

How we knew: Earlier clues, including a reference to blowfish and his admission that he's a hoot at parties, led us to believe this might've been Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish, but Banana's most recent performance killed that theory. The latest thinking points to Bret though, for a number of reasons: a reference to blue collar might be a nod to his Pets Rock collection at PetSmart, the bus that we've seen could be hint at his show Rock of Love and the striking similarities in Bret and Banana's voices. That blowfish we saw earlier? Poison-ous. And when Banana said in Episode 10 that he wasn't a "stand up" guy that finished the comedian theory for good, making it certain this is Bret.

Kangaroo (Eliminated in Week 10)

The Masked SingerThe Masked Singer

Yup, it was social media star and model Jordyn Woods!

How we knew: Kangaroo has said she was always a drama queen, and obviously the Kylie/Jordyn feud is one of the most important sagas of our time. She has said tragedy hit their family; Jordyn's father died in 2017. Kangaroo told guest host Leah Remini they've sat at the same table — both have sat on Jada Pinkett Smith's family chat show Red Table Talk -- and she's mentioned wanting to be a role model for her "little roo," which sounds like a kid but was also be a reference to her kid sister. We've seen Kangaroo wearing a jersey with the number 23 on it; Woods was born on Sept. 23.

White Tiger (Eliminated in Week 9)

The Masked SingerThe Masked Singer

Yup, this was Rob Gronkowski!

How we know: How could we not? One look at White Tiger's body type, movements and goofy sense of humor made it likely it was him but we saw a coin toss, and a poster of a cow on skis (as in the end of his last name: "cow-ski") we'd seen enough. More clues showed pads being placed on his body, like a football player, and a trophy for clam shucking — and clams are big in New England, where Gronk played with the Patriots his whole career — made it clearer. A sign showed presidents on it and said "Four score and seven years ago," which equates to the number 87 — Gronk's old jersey number, and in his last episode he mentioned a bestselling book, which, believe it or not, he didn't even read.

T-Rex - (Eliminated in Week 8)

This was Jojo Siwa!

How we knew: T-Rex's second week confirmed this is JoJo — especially after her "singles and doubles" clue that hints at her appearance in a Double Dare challenge at VidCon in 2018. She's pretty short, and super energetic. But it was when a map showing directions for "northwest" that we knew it was her, since she's had Kanye and Kim's kid North West in one of her videos. That, and a "U"-shaped gold balloon, as in YouTuber, sealed it.

Swan - (Eliminated in Week 7)

The Masked Singer, SwanThe Masked Singer, Swan

This was Bella Thorne!

How we knew: This was one of the tougher solves this season, but clues in her last appearance help make her identity clear. Swan had said she moved "west to this wicked world of sunshine" and we saw a glass dolphin in her video — a nod to Thorne's move from Florida to Los Angeles. A cocktail shaker was a hint at her role on Shake It Up and a tag that reading "Made in Japan," referenced the EP of the same name by her and Zendaya.

Bear (Eliminated in Week 6)

The Masked Singer, BearThe Masked Singer, Bear

This was Sarah Palin!

How we knew: Hockey skates, that elephant (as in GOP), her admission she's polarizing. Easy. Too easy.

The Taco (Eliminated in Week 5)

<em>The Masked Singer</em>The Masked Singer

This was Tom Bergeron!

How we knew: We'd narrowed it down to Tim Allen, Tom Bergeron or Bob Saget, and there was a lot of speculation it was Tim Allen because Taco a) said he's been in the business for decades, and (b) said "to enchiladas and beyond" as well as "last mask standing" — both hints at Toy Story and Last Man Standing, respectively. The latter is Allen's show on Fox and The Masked Singer loves to highlight its Fox peeps; on top of that, Allen has said plenty of times he was the class clown in school, which Taco said one week. Still,Taco sounded nothing like Tim at all, which made Tom Bergeron or Bob Saget reasonable guesses.

The Mouse (Eliminated in Week 4)

The Masked SingerThe Masked Singer

The Mouse was revealed to be Dionne Warwick!

How we knew: First of all, that voice! Also, she's said she's been a leader in her field, and her clue package included the number 79 — Warwick's age. We saw a sign reading "Bang Bang formation," and Warwick once covered "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" for a Bond flick. She said she never accepts anything less than gold — and Warwick's career is full of the precious metal; she sang "Solid Gold" for the show of the same name and has at least 10 gold titles in her oeuvre.

The Elephant (Eliminated in Week 3)

<p>The Masked Singer </p>

The Masked Singer

This was skateboard pro Tony Hawk!

Miss Monster (Eliminated in Week 2)

<p>Miss Monster, The Masked Singer Season 3 </p>

Miss Monster, The Masked Singer Season 3

Revealed to be Chaka Khan!

The Llama (Eliminated in Week 1)

<p>The Llama, The Masked Singer Season 3 </p>

The Llama, The Masked Singer Season 3

We know now this was Drew Carey!

The Robot (Eliminated in Week 1)

<p>The Robot, The Masked Singer Season 3 </p>

The Robot, The Masked Singer Season 3

This was Lil Wayne!

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