The biggest story coming out of The Masked Singer this Wednesday was that none other than SUPREME VOCAL EMPRESS and Olympic shoe kicker Patti LaBelle floated down on a cloud of Patti Pie steam to start her run on this show. We are not worthy! That's probably why, before the competition started, the gods warmed up our feeble human palates with the sight of Nick Cannon wearing a humungous red cape lined with a candy cane pattern, while also holding a bedazzled Phantom of the Opera mask over his adorable face.
In the end, the Penguin shooed the Eagle away. Here's how it went down; scroll to the bottom to find out whose feathers got ruffled on the way out the door.

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Matchup No. 1: Flower vs. Eagle

Flower came out singing "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton and oh, sweet heavens, that's Patti LaBelle! There is no question about this; if anything, she started her song slow, keeping that one-of-a-kind voice under wraps, but as she really got going, there's no way it could be any other voice than Patti LaBelle. Nick said, "I think we're in the presence of greatness," and he's right. Robin co-signed, saying there's only a few people with that voice.
The clues: Flower's package showed her stirring something in a bowl. As she explained, she's blossomed in a bunch of fields. (Patti has a successful baking business). A rainbow (LGBTQ) flag was in a frame on the wall. (Patti is known for her devoted gay fan base and her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.") She said, "I've done everything," and built an empire with her bare hands. She called herself a legend, and referenced "a vision of love" and "what's love got to do with it," both subtle hints at Mariah Carey and Tina Turner, people she calls friends.
The guesses: Who cares? That's Patti LaBelle. Robin said it too and that boy can sing.

Eagle sang "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)," and he didn't sound bad at all, just a bit operatic and show tune-y. He sounded fine, but as Ken noted, he's not a trained singer.
The clues: Eagle's story was set in a classroom. He said he's soared to heights, had a health scare, suffered the loss of a a parent, and spent so much time listening to other people's stories. He was talking in a classroom that had a skeleton in it, and he said he could see things miles away that other people can't see.
The guesses: Pauly Shore. Jenny thought he interviewed people, and that he had the legs of Howard Stern or Adam Corolla. Ken thought he could be Craig Ferguson.

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Matchup No. 2: Penguin vs. Fox

Penguin sang "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey, and let's face it: her days are probably numbered. She has OK pitch and so-so breath control, but lots of cute charm.
The clues: She said it's in her DNA to be heard. She said she's been told she's not pretty enough or funny enough. She said life isn't black and white (more than once, which could be a reference to someone bi-racial?) and she said she's going to sing for those who don't have the same power. We saw people protesting, holding signs including "Give me the bird" and "I'm not your secretary."
Guesses: Nicole Scherzinger said Megan Mullally, which wasn't bad. Jenny said Sherri Sheppard, again, because she legit guesses Sherri Sheppard every time she can.

Fox NAILED "This Love" by Maroon 5, and this is clearly a seasoned, awesome performer. He has control, swag, and great dance moves too.
The clues: Fox's package was a slick mixture of diorama-style vignette and a Marvel-inspired comic book montage at the outset. He started by saying he wanted to tell a bedtime story. He said he did his best work at night. He alluded to "different lives" and said this gives him a chance to have two identities become one.
The Guesses: The superhero reference made Jenny guess it was Wesley Snipes, and since this is such a skilled performer, the name of Broadway performers, including Leslie Odom Jr. came up, followed by Anthony Mackie, and the best guess, Tyrese, which came from Ken.

After Eagle and Penguin faced off in the smackdown, Penguin took Eagle out with her version of "Worth It," and Eagle had to pull off that Pez head. It was Dr. Drew Pinsky! Check out what he had to say about the experience here.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.