Would you rather work for Darth Vader or the Joker? That's the subject of this sneak peek of Thursday's episode of Syfy Wire's The Great Debate. Comedians Lauren Lapkus and Akilah Hughes are tasked with going head to head to figure out which of these great villains is actually the worst boss ever. 

Lapkus tries to convince the audience that Vader's fascism and drab wardrobe make the Empire a pretty crappy thing to be a part of, and she has a point. There is no individuality allowed when you're basically a clone storm trooper. However, Hughes pulls out some pretty big jokes when explaining why the Joker's instability is actually the worst for a prospective supervisor. She also makes a valid argument when she says that no one felt good about the Joker murdering someone with a pencil. That was really messed up, and, of course, legitimately no one felt good about it. 

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Which one made the most compelling argument to you, though? Find out who pulls off the win on a new episode Syfy Wire's The Great Debate, airing Thursday, July 2 at 11/10c on Syfy. 

Lauren Lapkus and Akilah Hughes, <em>The Great Debate</em>Lauren Lapkus and Akilah Hughes, The Great Debate