The Golden Globe Awards always hosts the biggest and baddest names in Hollywood, which is why it's probably not a surprise that former Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson were in attendance. It was a surprise, however, that they actually presented an award together!

Potter fans who don't obsessively check presenters lists for the Golden Globes got the shock of their fangirl lives when Watson and Pattinson walked out on stage together to announce the nominees and the winner in the TV Movie or Limited Series category.

Unfortunately, the show was already running behind at this point, so any opportunity to make a Harry Potter joke passed us right by for the sake of time. Watson and Pattinson announced Ladybird as the winner, without even a cute nod to whether or not she would have been a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor. Come on guys, Saoirse Ronan is Irish, you know she would have been on board with getting sorted by Cedric and Hermione themselves!

Oh well, at least Harry Potter fans were happy and totally losing their minds on Twitter.

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