Holy origin story, Batman! The Flash flashed back (but also forward) in "Godspeed" to reveal exactly how Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) discovered her powers and came to be partners with the Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh), and it was an origin story worthy of any superhero!

After Barry (Grant Gustin) locked his daughter away in the Star Labs pipeline, Team Flash decided to read her journal to find out exactly what drove her to partner with Thawne and lie to them for so many months. In 2049, Nora was working as a run-of-the-mill CSI with a minor meta obsession (sound like anyone we know?) when she sniffed out a new case that involved a speedster with White Lightning. That case led her directly to said speedster, Godspeed, who sent a bolt of lighting right into her, frying the chip her mother implanted to dampen her speed.

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When she returned to the land of the living, she was officially a speedster, and we even got a "Poker Face" callback and an accidental flash into the back of a laundry truck like in The Flash pilot. Unfortunately, crime-fighting didn't come naturally to her, so Nora decided she had to think like a villainous speedster if she was ever going to stop Godspeed — which led her right into the waiting clutches of Eobard Thawne, who had been in prison for 15 years at that point.

Nora visited Thawne in prison, where he immediately recognized her as a speedster, but he refused to answer any of her questions before she was escorted out. She did, however, sneak a peek at him being tortured by the guards, which no doubt softened her to his "plight."

Jessica Parker Kennedy, <em>The Flash</em>Jessica Parker Kennedy, The Flash

Without his help, she and her best friend and fellow CSI, Lia (Kathryn Gallagher), set out to stop Godspeed on their own. During Nora's battle with Godspeed, he quickly got the best of her, and while she was down for the count, Lia ended up getting a vibrating hand to the chest, and she died in Nora's arms. After that, Nora realized having speed wasn't enough; she needed a teacher to show her how to control it and stop Godspeed. Together, they defeated him, but Thawne revealed he couldn't be her teacher because his execution had already been set — right before he told her how to unlock the time vault so Gideon could tell her that her father was the Flash, of course.

Gideon then played a goodbye message from Barry (which was most definitely set during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths since we definitely heard Oliver Queen [Stephen Amell] yell, "Get down!" amidst the chaos in the background), which prompted her to go back in time and meet him.

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Back in the past/present, Iris (Candice Patton) was heartbroken to read that her daughter's friend died in her arms and because future-Iris had broken Nora's trust by dampening her speed, she had to go through that loss alone. She let Nora out to explain on her own, but Barry decided that their trust was irreparably broken since Nora continued to seek out Thawne's advice after finding out what he'd done to Barry's mother, and he sped her right back to the future and told her to never come back.

Guess that's the speedster equivalent of, "go to your room, young lady!"

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