Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of April 19-26.

The quality of last week's new Netflix shows and movies was somewhere between mediocre and aiiiiight, so you'd expect the streamer to have a bounce-back week this week. Well, this round of new shows may be even worse than last week's in terms of quality releases. Why? Strap on your fedora, because it's conspiracy theory time: Netflix is scared of Game of Thrones and doesn't want to put any high-profile releases up against the White Walkers. Is that the truth? Probably not! I'm just making things up. Netflix isn't scared of anything. Except maybe Disney+. Don't worry, though; things pick up a little bit in the coming weeks.

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(All titles are out Friday, April 19, unless otherwise specified.)

The Biggest Releases

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, Season 1
I don't get all of Netflix's shows in advance, but I did get this one, so I watched the first two-and-a-half minutes of the first episode and I was laughing so hard I was crying about 45 seconds in. Full disclosure: I love Tim Robinson. He's a former Saturday Night Live player, co-creator and co-star of Comedy Central's amazing (and canceled) Detroiters, and the man behind one of the best episodes of Netflix's The Characters. This is his new sketch show. I'm still laughing just thinking about it. I know I said it was a slow week, but this makes up for it. Two thumbs up for this hilarious nonsense. (Tuesday, April 23)

Someone Great
So you just got a great job across the country and your boyfriend doesn't want to do the long-distance thing, what do you do? ONE LAST RAGER OUT IN NEW YORK CITY WITH THE GAL PALS! Gina Rodriguez stars as the lucky lady who bonds with her girlfriends for a send-off adventure that sees them have run-ins with New York's weirdest and lots and lots of drugs. It's got some heart, which is good because it doesn't have much of anything else. LaKeith Stanfield plays the boyfriend Gina is leaving behind. (Trailer)

Everything Else

Grass Is Greener
Saturday is a national holiday on college campuses, at reggae music festivals, at Democratic conventions, in Taco Bell parking lots, and at anywhere cool. It's 4/20, when cannabis aficionados celebrate God's herbal medicine by smoking lots of weed, just like they do every day. This documentary is a perfect pairing for your smoke sesh as it goes through the history of marijuana in America and its ties to music. You'll be enthralled for at least three minutes until you decide you'd rather listen to the newest The Claypool Lennon Delirium album, which is hella dank. (Saturday, April 20)

Lunatics, Season 1
Chris Lilley is like the Mike Myers (comedian, not psycho who haunts Jamie Lee Curtis) of Australia. He has high-dived into oddball characters he created for mockumentary-style comedy in shows like Summer Heights High and Angry Boys, and is back at it again in Lunatics. The common thread between this new batch of characters is that they are all indeed lunatics (or just unusual) in one way or another; one is a 7'3" female college freshman, one is a fashion mogul in a sexual relationship with a cash register, one is from a family of large-bottomed real estate agents, and, you get the idea. It's super dumb but also funny, and Lilley's found a way to turn his humor up a notch thanks to the physical comedy required to play these weirdos. (Trailer)

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage
If your life is a mess and you need a kick in the pants to figure it out, shame and vulnerability specialist Brené Brown is here to help! The best-selling author and TED talker will show you how to enrich your relationships by teaching you how to be vulnerable. Or you can keep those walls up and eat another pint of Ben & Jerry's alone in the dark. Your call! (Trailer)

Cuckoo, Season 5
This British sitcom is still named after a main character (played by Andy Samberg) who left the show after Season 1, and it has struggled to find any sense of identity since. I guess it's about a couple parents whose kids get into wacky life adventures? Season 5 adds Andie McDowell as the dad's sister he never knew he had, plus a lesbian relationship for his daughter. Sure! (Trailer)

A Fortunate Man
If you've been itching for a foreign period piece about an engineer who wants to change Copenhagen's industrial standing through city planning, then consider yourself... A Fortunate Man. (Trailer)

Music Teacher
This Indian romance follows a music teacher who gets bogged down by guilt and regret after a former pupil of his — who once loved him — becomes a big-time singing superstar. It looks quite swoon-worthy if you can get over the fact that this guy used his position as a teacher to get his student to fall in love with him. (Trailer)

Rilakkuma and Kaoru
OMG U GUYZ THIS IS SRSLY SO CUTE. This animated Japanese program isn't traditional anime, for once. Instead, it's a stop-motion adventure about a woman named Kaoru and her roommate Rilakkuma, a lazy bear. Or maybe it's not a bear. Maybe it's a furry, or a mutant monster with the head of a bear who wears a bear suit over its body. Seriously, there is brewing controversy over this! WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU, RILAKKUMA!?!?!? Besides an adorable one that I just want to hug and snuggle with, that is. (Trailer)

Samantha!, Season 1
No, this isn't a documentary about Who's the Boss? — that's an old person Tony Danza joke! — it's a Brazilian comedy about a former child star who grew up to become a nobody. But she sets out to get some of the fame back, with the help of some nut jobs. This could very well be watchable! (Trailer)

Selection Day, Season 1 (continued)
In India, a father pushes his two sons to become great cricket players, but when one would rather work in sciences than throw wicked googlies because learning how to make complicated machines is easier than trying to understand the rules of cricket, drama becomes the name of the game. This is Part 2 of Season 1. (Trailer)

Pinky Malinky, Season 2
Pinky Malinky is a hyperactive hot dog who lives in a human world, where he cherishes the idea of being different. It's a great show for kids who are also hot dogs. (Trailer / Monday, April 22)

Netflix's dive into short-form programming continues with this dark comedy about a grad student who makes money on the side by being a dominatrix, and her gay best friend who works as her assistant. It's mostly told through the eyes of the reluctant best friend, making it a scrappy friendship show with a few more ball gags and giant dildos than others. And at just 15 minutes an episode, it will be over before you even know if you like it or not. (No Trailer / Wednesday, April 24)

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