Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of April 26-May 2.

This week is light on English-language scripted TV, with just one offering, the intriguing horror-thriller Chambers. But it has some great documentaries, in the form of the inspirational political snapshot Knock Down the House and an installment of music doc series ReMastered about the mysterious life and death of blues legend Robert Johnson. There's also a stand-up special from Anthony Jeselnik, comedy's most amoral craftsman, who, like Robert Johnson, may have sold his soul to the devil. (Johnson did it to get real good at guitar; Jeselnik did it for the ability to write excellent, pitch-black jokes and the confidence to tell them.) Also there's an Exorcist-influenced Malaysian horror flick that switches Catholicism for Islam. Only on Netflix, baby!

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(All titles are out Friday, April 26, unless otherwise specified.)

The Biggest Releases

Chambers, Season 1
Uma Thurman is the latest movie star to make the leap to TV. The Bill-killer has a splashy supporting role in this young adult psychological thriller about a teenage girl named Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) who gets a heart transplant and then starts taking on some disturbing characteristics inherited from the girl to whom her heart previously belonged. It's a far-from-perfect show — it does that signature Netflix thing where it takes a loooooong time to get to the point — but it has a unique and detailed sense of place (a part of Arizona inhabited by poor Native Americans and rich white hippies) and a striking visual sensibility (you've never seen close-ups this tight). It's definitely worth checking out if you want to be spooked but also want to experience some teen drama.

Knock Down the House
This documentary follows the campaigns of four progressive women who challenged incumbent establishment Democrats in congressional primaries in 2018: Nevada's Amy Vilela, Missouri's Cori Bush, West Virginia's Paula Jean Swearengin, and New York's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the latter of whom, of course, won both of her races and became the face of the future of the Democratic party. The documentary is an inspiring tale of tenacity in the face of challenges and a rallying point for future progressive candidates. It's not just about electing Democrats; it's about electing better Democrats. (Trailer / Wednesday, May 1)

Everything Else

Street Food, Season 1
The Chef's Table team presents this sumptuous journey into the street food of Thailand, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam, and the remarkable people who make it. You won't be able to binge it in one sitting because you'll get so hungry you'll have to go out for some dumplings (getting them delivered just won't be the same).

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Season 2
Our favorite He-Man spin-off is back for another season of empowering adventure, goofy jokes, and friendship being magic. There's plenty of content for the Catra and Adora stans. (Trailer)

The Protector, Season 2
This Turkish series is set in modern Istanbul and follows a man who's a descendant of an ancient order as he defends his city from supernatural enemies. It looks pretty bad, but if you're really jonesing for some romance and action, it may hit the spot. (Trailer)

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads
This month's installment of the music documentary series takes another look at the story of pioneering blues singer and guitarist Robert Johnson, who, as the legend goes, sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for being the greatest bluesman of all time and paid the ultimate price at the age of 27. (Trailer)

Yankee, Season 1
Not even Netflix has all the details about this Mexican narco-thriller. One Netflix source describes it as the story of a man from Texas who becomes a Mexican drug lord, while the show page says he's from Arizona. You'll have to watch to find out. (No trailer)

Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward
Stand-up comedy's Prince of Darkness is back for another special of classically structured, impossibly twisted jokes. Want to know Jeselnik's secret for getting away with saying the most offensive stuff imaginable in the era of cancellation? He makes jokes about everything, and he doesn't mean any of it. (Trailer / Tuesday, Apr. 30)

Baki, Part 2
A show that's basically Street Fighter in anime form is extremely not for me, but if it's for you, you're probably watching already. (Trailer / Tuesday, Apr. 30)

Ingress: The Animation
More anime. This one's about two factions fighting over a "mysterious substance that can influence human minds." It's cyberpunky. (Trailer / Tuesday, Apr. 30)

Munafik 2
Where else but Netflix would a Malaysian horror movie about reaffirming one's faith in Islam that also has very scary demons and fairly gruesome violence be easily available to a broad international audience? Amazing stuff, really. This is the sequel to 2016's Munafik. (Trailer / Wednesday, May 1)

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