Since JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers fell in love and got engaged on The Bachelorette three years ago, they've become partners in all things in life. Their latest partnership is business, as seen on the CNBC show Cash Pad, which premieres Tuesday, July 23. TV Guide sat down with JoJo and Jordan at SeriesFest in Denver to talk about their new renovation show, whether they're watching Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, and the latest on their wedding plans.

On Cash Pad, JoJo and Jordan partner with homeowners to turn under-utilized parts of their properties into thriving short-term rentals. And it's really a partnership: JoJo and Jordan put their own money into the renovation and marketing, and split the profits from rentals with the homeowner. They put sweat equity in, too. "I love me some power tools," JoJo said. "If you can cut down on labor costs in any way, you do that, so we get our hands dirty." Properties transformed in the eight-episode half-hour series include an old shipping container, a run-down Airstream trailer, and a decrepit garage. You watch Jordan and JoJo turn these properties from nothing into places you would love to visit — and can! "We're doing properties that literally if you're sitting on the couch, you can go book it," Jordan says. It's a unique twist on the home renovation show formula.

"It's a really, really cool and unique idea that I feel like people haven't seen yet," JoJo said. She and Jordan hope that the show inspires people to turn untapped potential in their own homes into opportunities to make money. "The short-term rental market is so big right now, so we're trying to get in early and show people that honestly, this market is the most accessible way to become a self-made entrepreneur and create your own wealth."

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As Bachelorette fans remember, JoJo has worked in real estate development for years, and around the time she and Jordan got together, she noticed the short-term rental market really starting to take off on services like Airbnb. So she already had the idea that they should invest in that space together when CNBC approached them about doing the show. "It was a perfect marriage," she said.

With the show, JoJo and Jordan are entering a special group of Bachelor franchise alumni who secured non-Bachelor TV gigs, a coterie that includes people like Jesse Palmer and Jillian Harris. It's hard to do, and very few have succeeded. So do JoJo and Jordan have advice for members of Bachelor Nation who are trying to make the transition? "Just be authentic to yourself," Jordan said. "That's what we're doing." When they finished The Bachelorette, they didn't stay in Los Angeles and chase TV opportunities; they went home and went back to work. They started renovating a property shortly after Jordan moved in with JoJo. The TV opportunity came from having actual interesting things going on in their lives that they were passionate about. "I think the greatest thing that we did was we jumped right back into work afterwards, and I think that that creates this level of trust from your viewers and your followers," JoJo said.

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Jordan has never watched The Bachelorette, but JoJo is trying to keep up with Hannah's season. She has not met Hannah yet, but she's a fan. "I love how quirky she is," she said. But she's behind on the show, because she's been busy with her own show and thinking about her wedding.

That wedding is still in early planning stages, with no venue or date picked out, but they hope to get moving on that soon for next year. "The goal is, when all this kind of settles down, to get out to California, because we want to get married in California somewhere," where Jordan is from, JoJo said.

Would they uphold Bachelor wedding tradition and ask Chris Harrison to officiate? "Oh my God, I haven't thought about that," JoJo said. "I love Chris Harrison, but Jordan has a really great relationship with his pastor back in Nashville, so that's something that we'll probably look into. I haven't really thought about it, but Chris will get an invite for sure." The only member of Bachelor Nation who'll for sure be in the wedding is JoJo's friend Becca Tilley. Jordan still keeps in touch with Wells Adams quite a bit.

Life is good and busy for the couple as they build their short-term rental business. If you're staying in one of JoJo and Jordan's places — look for the signage with the two little Js with a little rose attached to them — you can be sure the sheets are going to be comfortable. They promise.

Cash Pad premieres Tuesday, July 23 at 10/9c on CNBC.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, <em>Cash Pad</em>JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, Cash Pad