The 100 fans went through a whirlwind of emotions in the show's latest episode as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) experienced a non-stop roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows.

First we thought Clarke had actually been deleted from her own brain; then it looked like both Clarke and Josephine were toast; and finally, we had to watch Bellamy break down and frantically try to bring Clarke back with CPR. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost though, Clarke surged back to life, and the tearful hug that followed was definitely one for the history books.

TV Guide spoke to Morely and Taylor at San Diego Comic-Con about filming that intense scene, and according to Morely, the most nerve-wracking part was trying not to actually punch his co-star!

"I was terrified of actually hurting you," Morley told Taylor. "I actually ended up hitting you. I was asking the director, 'Can I do it on my right hand because I'm not as controlled in my left? So yeah, sorry about hitting you."

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All accidental punching aside, that scene was one of the most emotionally taxing moments Bellamy had all season (and possibly all series), and it really put on display how desperately Bellamy needs Clarke in his life.

"For six years he's depended on — well, you know six seasons I should say, more than 126 years or whatever — he's depended on her. He's needed her. I think he would have felt somewhat lost, or terribly lost without her. She means a lot to him, and it's been written that way for six years, so I just kind of imbued that into what I was performing. I guess that's where I was. Bellamy cares about Clarke quite deeply."

Whether or not this near-death experience changed anything between them — romantically or otherwise — we'll have to wait and see. One would hope that reaching that kind of breaking point force them both to reevaluate what exactly their relationship is, but their current situation doesn't exactly lend itself to that kind of contemplation.

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"They've got to learn to survive first before anything else before you can have any stuff like that..." Morely said. "Bellamy and Clarke are very pragmatic. They are vulnerable with each other, but it's kind of like they're trying to find solutions. I don't know how often they stop and actually reflect upon themselves. Whether they do that or whether they just go, 'OK let's get back to work and figure out what's going on, on this planet,' we'll wait and see in my episode, I guess."

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor, <em>The 100</em>Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor, The 100