Jared Padalecki's time on Supernatural may be coming to an end soon, but his time on The CW isn't running out just yet. Padalecki's new show, a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger, now has a home, should it be picked up to series.

Deadline reports that the reimagining of Walker, Texas Ranger has landed at The CW, which has been Padalecki's home network since it launched in 2006, a year after Supernatural's premiere on what was then The WB. The series will be written/executive produced by Anna Fricke (Valor) and executive produced by Dan Lin (Lethal Weapon) and Dan Spilo (Sunnyside).

So far there aren't many details available about the reboot other than the fact that Padalecki will play Cordell Walker, a widower and a father of two who returns to Austin, Texas, after being undercover for two years. He'll be investigating crime in the state's most elite unit along with his partner, who will be one of the only women in the history of the Texas Rangers.

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Despite CBS having a solid track record with similar reboots like Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver, we're glad this new take on an old favorite has landed at The CW, if only because watching Jared Padalecki on another network would somehow feel like cheating? And seeing as Padalecki is involved in the project, the likelihood that this series will get a green light at The CW just increased exponentially.

Supernatural's 15th and final season airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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