Can it be September yet already? Amazon released the official trailer for The Boys Season 2 on Tuesday, and we could not be more hyped to get back in the action. The preview teases even more blood, ridiculousness, and menacing superheroes than Season 1 had, and that is seriously saying something. 

As Billy the Butcher (Karl Urban) declares at the top of the trailer, his wife is alive and the mission for The Boys will be to get her back and away from Homelander (Antony Starr). In the process, they'll have to take down Vought and hopefully clear their names, but to do that they might have to... kill everyone? OK, it's not the most solid plan, but its exactly what we expect from Billy. 

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There are a few things standing in their way. This season there are "super terrorists," and it is incredibly difficult to decipher what side of the war they are on. There's also Homelander, the most vile person on the face of the planet, and now Stormfront (Aya Cash), the latest superhero to join The Seven. It seems like she's come to be a thorn in Homelander's side, but by the end of the trailer they're teaming up and he's lasering her "f--king tits" (her words, not ours). The last thing The Boys or the world need is someone on Homelander's level of debauchery.

Rebecca, hold tight. It looks like it's going to be a wild ride before Billy makes his way back to you. 

The Boys Season 2 premieres Friday, Sept. 4 on Amazon. 

Aya Cash, <em>The Boys</em>Aya Cash, The Boys