Dave Hester Dave Hester

David Hester faced a setback in his lawsuit against A&E's Storage Wars Friday, when a judge ordered him to pay the network's legal fees, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hester must pick up the tab to the tune of $122,692, THR reports.

Storage Wars drops three cast members after lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed in December, Hester contends that the show's producers planted valuable items to be "found" during the course of the show and also says that he was dropped from the series after complaining about this. A&E's contention is that Hester was unsatisfied with his contract negotiations and the lawsuit is a means of retaliation.

A&E responded by filing an anti-SLAPP motion, taking advantage of a law that protects individuals and organizations that are sued for exercising their First Amendment rights. The motion was successful, which entitled the network to have its legal fees paid by Hester, THR reports.