May 4 is the unofficial day of all things Star Wars, and if you're scratching your head as to why, just say it out loud: May the fourth. May the fourth be with you, too.

And with any holiday, whether official or not, it's the perfect opportunity to browse what's on sale in case you're looking to pick up a thing (or two) for yourself or the most favorite droid in your life. May 4 is no exception, as retailers are more than happy to roll out some impressive Star Wars merchandise. You might not actually need any of these things, but you definitely want them. Bonus: Many of the items are on sale! As Darth Vader would say, "most impressive."

From T-shirts and things that beep like R2-D2 to completely out there Star Wars items that serve no practical purpose other than for fun, these are definitely the products you're looking for. So check them out below.

PHOTOS: Your Essential Star Wars Day Gift Guide

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