Jace Wayland-Lightwood-Herondale (Dominic Sherwood) has had a rough time of it where family is concerned — look no further than his ridiculous surname if you don't believe us — and Shadowhunters Season 3 is proving no different.

Ever since being brought back from the dead by Clary's (Katherine McNamara) wish, Jace has been having violent hallucinations and losing substantial chunks of time. In an attempt to get to the bottom of these new side effects, Jace made a terrible discovery: His birth mother, Céline Herondale, suffered from the same kind of psychosis he's been experiencing.

"Every time he seems to get a foothold in anything really - it's almost like the writers don't like me - people just pull the rug out from under him," Sherwood tells TV Guide. "He finally had people to call his own and his own last name. You know, as silly as it is, that name, Herondale, that's who he is now. But then his kind of hereditary legacy is psychosis. That's what he's been left with, so it's difficult."

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That legacy isn't the only thing weighing on Jace's mind though. If these symptoms persist and they're noticed by the wrong person, Jace could be risking his very future as a Shadowhunter.

"I think the big thing that's heartbreaking for him is not just that he thinks he's losing his mind, which obviously is so drastic for a Shadowhunter," Sherwood says. "It's like a soldier being declared not fit for duty. If this came out they would de-rune him and make him a human. He wouldn't be with his friends, he wouldn't be able to be part of this world anymore, and I think that's kind of a fate worse than death for him."

The prospect of losing his job, his family, his girlfriend and essentially his purpose in life will fuel Jace to make some drastic choices in this week's episode. Whether Clary can talk him out of those choices while also keeping their big wish a secret is less certain.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

Dominic Sherwood, <em>Shadowhunters</em>Dominic Sherwood, Shadowhunters