Sex and the City had six superb seasons on HBO, one utterly enjoyable film installment and one film that was... well, let's just not talk about it. The second film's failure might be why the fabled third movie was silently killed in the cradle, but it actually sounds like fans should probably be thankful that movie will never happen. According to the podcast Origins, the third movie, which Parker told People had a "beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable" script, planned to kill off Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) husband, Big (Chris Noth)!

According to Origins, Big was slated to die of a heart attack in the shower and the rest of the film would have followed Carrie as she struggled to cope with that loss. It's kind of a bummer way to finish out a trilogy, but it sounds like this may have been an over-correction from the second film, which was so whimsically over the top as to be absurd.

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Noth told podcast host James Andrew Miller that he'd heard the script for the third film was "superior," though he admitted to not liking the first two movies at all. "I just hate the cornball shit... and I thought it was... sentimental and overly romantic," he said.

Sounds like he would have loved the doom and gloom (and limited screentime) of the never-to-be third movie!

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