It's only been two weeks since Kanye West dressed up as a water bottle for his musical performance on Saturday Night Live and then roiled all the rules by donning a red MAGA hat and starting up a cut-for-time tirade about his love of Donald Trump. But in 2018, two weeks equals approximately 11.583 years of ordinary news, so by that timeline, it was perfectly appropriate for SNL to give their recent guest star the full dress-down this weekend.

For its cold open, SNL journeyed back to the Oval Office to give Alec Baldwin another turn to parody the POTUS, but this time, he met his match in terms of both pure verbosity and wackadoodle concepts by way of Chris Redd's Kanye West. Satirizing the real-life meeting of the two at the White House last week, faux Trump also got a kick out of this 'Ye's riffs about the hat making him feel "like Superman" and such. Once the embattled rap star started arguing for the abolition of the 13th Amendment to stop the Unibomber and trap doors, though, NotTrump started recognizing how bizarre this self-proclaimed "very stable genius" sounded ... and how much it mirrored his own strange public commentaries.

"Ooh, this guy might be cuckoo. I've been in the room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, and they made a lot more sense than him," his internal monologue proclaimed, as he listened to the ping-ponging rant. "This guy can talk. He doesn't stop. He doesn't listen to anyone but himself. Who does he remind me of? ... Oh my God, he's black me! This is like getting visited by the Ghost of Christmas Black."

The cold open wasn't the only opportunity SNL seized to poke fun at Kanye's allegiance to Trump, either.

<em>Saturday Night Live</em>, NBCSaturday Night Live, NBC

Returning show vet and Late Night with Seth Meyers host Seth Meyers devoted a healthy chunk of his opening monologue to the same subject, declaring that he isn't surprised to see Kanye West rendering people drop-jawed because he witnessed the lead-up to his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech two years before.

"A lot of people are surprised Kanye supports Donald Trump. I am not because I have met Kanye and I am incapable of being surprised by him," he explained. "I made a sketch about how crazy it was that he interrupted speeches, and then two years later he was at an awards show and thought, 'I'm gonna do it again.' So, when people say you're surprised Kanye supports Trump, I say 'nah.'"

<em>Saturday Night Live</em>, NBCSaturday Night Live, NBC

Meyers also joined Weekend Update co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che for a Kanye-centric segment called "Really?! With Seth, Colin & Michael," and the three took turns roasting Trump and West for their behavior at the meeting.

"So, Trump met Kanye in the Oval Office. Really?! Don't you have better things to do? And by the way, when I say that I'm really not sure which of you I'm talking to," Meyers began.

"You could tell a lot by how much each of them prepared for the meeting: Kanye prepared by learning every fact of the world backwards, while Trump prepared by clearing his desk of any valuables," Jost added.

Che chimed in to reveal that he is allowed to say the "N-word" on SNL four times this season by contract and decided to use 25% of his allotment to ask, "How much money does this [redacted] owe in taxes?!" (It's not clear which party he was referring to, however.)

"You know how crazy Thursday at the White House was? Kid Rock was there and no one cared," Meyers later added. "It was almost a relief to hear someone as reasonable as Kid Rock was in the White House. You know how hard it is to make Kid Rock seem like the adult in the room? His first name is Kid."

The kicker really came along when Meyers commented on a photo of Kanye West and Donald Trump hugging after their meeting and captioned it, "Man it is so rare that you can see black people and white supremacists betrayed in the exact same moment."

SNL may have been criticized for giving 'Ye a platform to rant two weeks ago, but clearly, he's not untouchable because this week it mercilessly pounced on him from all sides.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday at 11:35 ET/8:35 PT on NBC.