For 45 years, Saturday Night Live has given sketch comedy fans a reason to stay at home on weekends, and recent events — this year in particular — have proven just how valuable that television tradition really is. To finish out the most recent season amid production shutdowns, even the cast and crew of the show had to improvise with an all-new "SNL at Home" series, with the cast Zoom-ing in their sketches that helped make light of the very heavy news surrounding us all.

It's a time-honored tradition for SNL to bring humor to some difficult moments in current events, particularly when it comes to prominent political figures. So to celebrate the series finding a new streaming home at NBCUniversal's Peacock — which launches on Wednesday, July 15 and will offer SNL streaming for free with ads — we wanted to take a look back through the SNL vault and remember some of the all-time best political impressions that the series has ever produced.

Peacock: Everything to Know About the NBCUniversal Streaming Service

From Phil Hartman's unforgettable run as Ronald Reagan to Will Ferrell's "strategery"-filled takes on George W. Bush to more contemporary impersonations like Amy Poehler as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jay Pharoah as Barack Obama, and Kate McKinnon as absolutely everyone, click through the gallery below to revisit SNL's best political impressions.

Peacock launches on Wednesday, July 15. 

PHOTOS: Saturday Night Live's Best Political Impressions

  Jay Pharoah, Darrell Hammond, Amy Poehler, and Kate McKinnon, <em>Saturday Night Live</em>  Jay Pharoah, Darrell Hammond, Amy Poehler, and Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live