For Amy Schumer's Mother's Day-themed (read: relatively apolitical) episode of Saturday Night Live, there was one skit that many couldn't forget.

Riffing on the extra-relevance of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, now in its second season, this digital short couples the themes of the disturbing dystopian series with the kiss-and-tell style of gossip gab that Sex and the City offered back when sexual liberation was still semi-taboo on the small screen.

"Let's face it, ladies, in 2018, The Handmaid's Tale is basically our Sex and the City," the voice over prompt tells us before ushering in the spin-off Handmaids in the City. With Manolo bonnets, rent control (ie: the commander controls the handmaid and the handmaid doesn't pay rent), and the ever-flattering wardrobe of red to look forward to every day, things are even more unsettling once the women start talking about their plights. Yeee-ikes.

Blessed be.

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