We knew former Alabama Supreme Court Judge and Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was going to get pranked on Sacha Baron Cohen's satire show Who Is America? because he released a statement before the show premiered that managed to be pro-Israel and dog-whistle anti-Semitism at the same time (when you say "shadowy media groups," who do you mean, Roy?) that disclosed his unwitting involvement. But we didn't know that Baron Cohen was going to do this to him.

Moore, of course, lost a special election for Senate in Alabama last year after women accused him of sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers, including one incident with a woman named Leigh Corfman, who was 14 when Moore was 32. So when Baron Cohen sat down with him in February, his loss — and the accusations — were still pretty fresh.

Baron Cohen was in character as Erran Morad, his Israeli counterterrorism expert who gets conservatives to reveal their thirst for violence. His interview with Moore took a different tack, however. He lured Moore to the interview under the guise of discussing Israeli technology. One such item was a so-called "pedophile detector," which of course Moore set off.

It's a brilliantly uncomfortable scene, and watching Moore lose his cool as he figures out what's going on is delicious. What's happening is Sacha Baron Cohen calling Roy Moore a pedophile to his face.

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