If you haven't watched HBO Max's sci-fi epic Raised by Wolves yet, you're missing some of the best new sci-fi television out there. The series, from executive producer Ridley Scott, follows a pair of androids tasked with saving humanity by raising children on a distant planet after the Earth becomes uninhabitable. But it becomes much more than that, with questions about religion and humanity bubbling beneath the surface. Ultimately, however, it's a tale about survival and the price you'll pay to keep loved ones safe and within your moral code.

That's on full display in this exclusive clip of Thursday's episode, the eighth of the season. In it, we see Sue (Niamh Algar), a member of the devoutly religious Mithraics who has a secret of her own, speaking to her son about a possible "adventure." But it's when Sue agrees to take her son on a trip without his father Marcus (Travis Fimmel) that eyebrows are raised. What is she up to? Is she trying to take her son away from Marcus while he deals with the fallout from the previous episode? 

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Raised by Wolves will air 10 episodes in its first season. It has already been renewed for a second season. New episodes air Thursdays on HBO Max.