Ready for some looooooove? Amazon has announced the premiere date for its rom-com anthology Modern Love, based on the musings of lovestruck and lovelorn contributors to The New York Times' column of the same name. The series will premiere on Friday, Oct. 18 on Amazon.

The streaming service also released a new teaser trailer for the series (above), which includes glimpses of a dance-y Anne Hathaway, a very pregnant Cristin Milioti, and an irate Tina Fey throwing a tennis ball at John Slattery. While the teaser itself doesn't reveal much of anything about the stories or the characters, it is packed full of laughter, tears, hugs, kisses, and all the things that make your heart go "Awww!"

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Still, although the trailer doesn't reveal much, we do know two of the eight stories that will be told. Hathaway revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Saturday that she plays a woman named Lexi who is trying to find love while also learning to live her life with bipolar disorder. Gary Carr will play her love interest, Jeff. Meanwhile, Milioti takes on the role of a woman who unexpectedly gets pregnant and ends up forming a very strong friendship and father/daughter bond with her doorman.

Amazon's Modern Love has a star-studded cast that executive producer John Carney has likened to an "actor candy store." In addition to Hathaway, Milioti, Fey, and Slattery, the series also stars Julia Garner, Andrew Scott, Dev Patel, Catherine Keener, and Andy Garcia, among others.

Modern Love premieres Friday, Oct. 18 on Amazon