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Will Sarah escape from Eric on True Blood— Boris 
Aww, did you want her to live? That's cute. She'll soon get what she deserves, but you might be surprised by how the standoff at the Light of Day camp goes down. "I see the cars pull up, and I actually end up deciding to sacrifice myself," Anna Camp says. "I believe that I am the new Messiah, and the best thing to do is to tell the truth and to go out there and just surrender." Sarah does realize there's no way in hell they'll take mercy on her, right?

Do you know if Once Upon a Time's Frozen adaptation takes place before or after the movie? — Dave
A little bit of both, actually. "There may be some things with the parents we didn't know about pre-Arendelle," executive producer Edward Kitsis tells me. Well, that takes care of the flashbacks for the season! As for present-day Storybrooke, it's pretty obvious that, with Elsa in her Frozen duds, her escape from the urn comes after the movie.  "What happened to her to get her into that urn and what was going on in her life at that point is what's going to be revealed and what's going to be pushing the story forward," executive producer Adam Horowitz says. "Hopefully you'll find that there will be some cool surprising connections between Arendelle and our world."  

Will Castle have amnesia on Castle? — Crystal, via Twitter 
Unlikely. In fact, given creator Andrew W. Marlowe's refusal to characterize the events of the season finale as a "near-death experience," we're not certain Castle was even seriously injured. But Castle will certainly need all his wits to piece together exactly what's happened and why. "There are going to be some unanswered questions and some really great mysteries that Castle himself is going to be investigating moving forward," executive producer David Amann teases. Adds Marlowe: "Why does he do what does? Why is he interested in murder? What has gone on in his past? These are rich questions we haven't really explored." Pretty hard to do some soul-searching if you can't remember anything!

Do you have any Nick and Jess scoop for New Girl— Diane
Jess won't be the only one going through a revolving door of dates. "There's an episode where Nick cycles through a lot of girls," executive producer Liz Meriwether tells me. "[Also], later on in the season, he's going to start dating one of Tran's granddaughters." But will she also be mute?

What is coming up for Caroline on The Vampire Diaries— Cara, via Twitter
It should come as no surprise that the most anal-retentive vampire will have specific thoughts on how to soldier through the finale's tragedies. "[She is] trying to hold the whole group together and is just, in her mind, failing miserably and really struggling," executive producer Julie Plec says. Her job will be made especially difficult when it comes to dealing with Stefan, who "reacts to Damon's loss in ways we wouldn't expect," Plec teases.

Got any details on Jennifer Love Hewitt's character on Criminal Minds— Caitlyn 
Kate Callahan, who's deep undercover when we first meet her, and the BAU have crossed paths before — just not professionally. By the end of the premiere, we'll get a big reveal about her personal life that invites even more questions. But don't worry: "The few things that are sort mysterious in the beginning [about her] will be answered pretty quickly on in the season," executive producer Erica Messer promises.

Is there any chance that Ressler and Liz will get together on The Blacklist— Jon 
Don't hold your breath. The producers want to spend more time getting to know the man before they actually pair him up with Liz. Then again... "In doing that, [we'll] put him in emotionally vulnerable places," executive producer John Eisendrath says. "By putting him in those positions, it will give Liz an opportunity to reach out to him and support him in a way that will deepen their relationship." Unfortunately, some of the ways Ressler is coping with the horrors of last season might be a turn-off.

Got any new scoop on CSI's new season? — Jessica
As you may have heard, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is playing a serial killer from Russell and Finlay's past. As that story gets stretched out over the length of the season, you can expect to get some flashbacks to Russell and Finlay's days in Seattle. "It dredges up a lot of feelings — about what happened five years ago, where they were in their relationship five years ago," executive producer Don McGill says. "The relationship in the past informs the relationship in the present." Could Finlay's new love interest (Human Target's Mark Valley) have some competition?

Any scoop on Arrow—Seana, via Twitter
The third season will explore themes of identity, but that won't just apply to Oliver and his struggle between being a man and being a hero, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim. "For Thea: Am I Thea Queen or am I Thea Merlyn?" he says. "With Diggle: Am I sidekick or am I my own man? Felicity: Do I exist outside the lair? Do I exist as something more than just Oliver's crush object? Lance: If I'm confined to a desk job, am I still a cop?... Laurel: Am I Laurel or am I my sister? Or can I be my sister?" Let's hope the answer to that last question is yes!

Will Joan and Sherlock still work together on Elementary— Rachael 
No and yes. When Sherlock returns from London with new protégé Kitty in tow, both he and Watson will still be working with the NYPD — independently. Fear not: A dual homicide will bring the pair back together when the case strikes both of their fancies. But don't expect Kitty to be too pleased.

Will Mindy and Danny's mom (Rhea Perlman) get along on The Mindy Project— Liam 
In a word, no. To be more specific, hell no. That won't stop Mindy from taking steps to impress Mama Castellano... to disastrous results. Speaking of disaster, Mindy may need re-watch Orange Is the New Black because she'll soon find herself in deep legal trouble. Maybe former convict Morgan can prep her for hard time?

I'd like some Marcel scoop for the upcoming season of The Originals— Anna
Him reconciling with Klaus wasn't enough? I hear Marcel will actually form a new ally in Season 2. "Marcel is going to have his own agenda with what to do now that his community has been decimated," executive producer Michael Narducci says. "He finds very quickly a connection to Josh." I wonder how Davina will feel about her BFF cozying up to Marcel...

Mega RaveParks and Recreation may be on its way out the door, but Chris Pratt is here to stay. From lovable oaf Andy Dwyer to Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord, Pratt has proven he's not a one-trick pony. And did you hear that he also raps?!

Mini Rant: Not that I expected any different, but the climax of Sharknado 2: The Second One —  involving the same very shark that bit Tara Reid's hand off in the opening scene — was just ridiculous. Also, how come Fin pulled out a whole arm?  A mystery for the threequel, I guess!

This Week's Recommendation: True Blood (Sunday at 9/8c on HBO) We're nearing the end, and while the show is probably past its prime, I'm still looking forward to learning how we'll leave the residents of Bon Temps. Fangs for the memories!

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