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Do you have anything on The Mentalist's premiere episode you can share? — Shena, via Twitter
After their big kiss at the end of last season, Lisbon and Jane are fully immersed in their honeymoon period when the season begins. But when they're called back to work to investigate the murder of an undercover FBI agent, they have to figure out how (or if) to break the news of their relationship to their colleagues. Lisbon, for one, wants to keep the romance under wraps — which Jane is willing go along with. Or at least he is until Lisbon's ex Pike comes back in the picture.

How will Leslie and Ben be different when Parks and Recreation returns? — Eddie
Other than the obvious — aka being parents to three kids — and the ridiculous — "We're just inventing stupid 2017 technology," Amy Poehler jokes —  viewers should keep their eyes peeled for small, Easter egg-like nods to things that have changed. "The writers did a good job of just finding those little differences and advancements that you'll definitely notice this season," Adam Scott says. The other most notable difference will be seen in Leslie and Ben's professional lives. "You're going to see a bit more experienced Leslie and Ben," Scott says. "It's three years later and they're good at this. Not that they weren't before, but they have a little more blood under the bridge."

After Sunday's stellar episode of Homeland, how much Xanax do I need to gather for the upcoming episode? — Valvia Twitter
I'd have a healthy supply on hand, Val. The episode's key setpiece involves a long, nerve-wracking prisoner exchange that goes awry almost from the start — and it's an angry Saul who starts the trouble! Amidst Saul's (understandable) tantrum and the threat that either side could open fire at any moment, Carrie will have to be at her best to once again talk her mentor off the ledge. But, naturally, it's only after you get a moment to breathe that the show hits you with the episode's real doozy.

What have you got about my sexy man Tony on NCIS? — Marla, via Twitter
You definitely haven't seen the last of Keats, Tony's former partner with whom some sparks flew recently. "That connection...will come up again at some point," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells us. "It was a tough year for Tony DiNozzo last year. We're going to continue down the road of getting back to what we call the old Tony DiNozzo — [seeing him] spreading his wings a little bit and enjoying himself." But not all the character's exploration will come through love interests. Glasberg teases that Robert Wagner will return as Tony Sr. in a winter episode that offers "more insight into Tony DiNozzo when he was younger."

What can you tell me about Castle's midseason finale? Will it deal with Castle's disappearance at all? — Caleb
Executive producer David Amann suggests that the writers won't be picking up that mystery again until probably February, during this season's big two-parter episode. But the midseason finale should pack plenty of punch. Because it serves as this season's Christmas episode, it has a bit of a lighter touch...right up until the end. "We're looking at a bit of a game-changer for Castle at the end of the episode," Amann teases, although he promises that Castle and Beckett aren't getting a quickie divorce. "The events of the episode will cause a Castle's life in a fairly significant way." Bah humbug! (Also, guesses?)

I still can't believe Amaro and Rollins are having an affair on SVU. How much longer will they be able to keep this up? — Rita
There may be trouble in paradise on Wednesday's episode, which finds the team investigating a ripped-from-the-headlines case about a former football player who is caught abusing his ex-girlfriend on camera. "Some of [those] issues are echoed in the Rollins-Amaro relationship," executive producer Warren Leight says. "The way they react to this case tells us a lot about how far their relationship can go. It's pretty combustible what happens in that episode. Tempers flare." Yikes!

Any details on Marcia Gay Harden's character on How to Get Away with Murder? — Lindy
Creator Peter Nowalk is keeping his lips zipped for now. But apropos of nothing, Nowalk did tease that we will soon meet someone from Sam's past. (Perhaps his first wife on whom he cheated with Annalise?) Anyone feel like playing connect the dots?

Will Keller be a thorn in Neal's side now that he's working for Interpol on White Collar? — Chris
Because Keller and Neal ultimately have the same goal — to take down the Pink Panthers — they find themselves as unlikely allies. And working together might perhaps change how Neal feels about Keller — and himself. "That's a relationship I've always loved because they're always the shadowy reflection of each other, that yin and yang,"  creator Jeff Eastin says. "It gives Neal a chance to dig in and look inside and ask, 'Who am I?' Ultimately, that's what I think the series has been about: Neal trying to figure out who he is. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?"

Are we going to see Catherine again on Hawaii Five-0? — Catelyn
Would you settle for at least hearing about her? Executive producer Peter Lenkov says that Catherine-McGarrett 'shippers will definitely want to tune in to the Nov. 21 episode, which also features guest star Carol Burnett.  "McGarrett talks about Catherine and the status of their relationship," Lenkov says. "I know people have been asking, 'Where's Catherine? What's happening with Catherine?' So we're going to answer that."

The Originals is so good this season! Any scoop? — Michelle
Now that Klaus faced (and killed!) his real father, everything will now build to Esther and Mikael's reunion — which will happen sooner than you think. "Esther and Mikael have an interesting problem — [they're] not together romantically, but share a responsibility for their children," executive producer Michael Narducci says. "Esther wants to find salvation for her children, while Mikael clearly wants to kill Klaus. Would Esther stand with her children against Mikael? Would Esther stand with her children against Klaus? When that reunion takes place, it'll be fraught with parental conflict."

Is McQuaid's wife really dead on Covert Affairs? What if she's alive and working with Belenko? — Justin
That would be something, right? Alas, creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord promise that McQuaid's late wife, whom he casually mentioned in the summer finale, is just part of his backstory. "The stakes of these [remaining episodes] are so high and focused on Auggie that we're not really finding time for other things, so that's not something that will come up," Ord says. "But never say never in the future."

I'm really loving The Newsroom this season. What can you tell me about next week's episode? — Amie
Although many of the "News Night" staffers react poorly to having the newsroom raided by the FBI, Will keeps his cool. In fact, we eventually learn that Will's nonchalance has everything to do with his own involvement in protecting Neal from the federal probe. Unfortunately for Will, he's severelyunderestimated the lengths the government is willing to go to in order to find this whistleblower. Elsewhere, Charlie hatches a scheme to help Leona save AWM from being sold — but the price of doing business may not be one Charlie is willing to pay.

Mega Rave: Anthony Hopkins on an HBO series? Yes, please!

Mini Rant: Sure, Fox, remake Luther. Because it's worked out so well with Gracepoint.

This Week's Recommendation: The Profit (Tuesdays at 10/9c on CNBC) I'm a recent convert, but I am absolutely hooked on this show, in which entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis invests his own money to rescue struggling businesses. Whether dealing with companies that sell candy or cut hair, Lemonis' brutal honesty is balanced by his evident passion to help. It's the most real reality show on TV because, like life, there's not always a happy ending.

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