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What's up with Paul's creepy wife on Desperate Housewives? — Cassidy
MICKEY: It's clear after Sunday's episode that Beth's mom really wants her to remain married to Paul. (Why is another question.) She even ordered her daughter to sleep with him, which is kind of creepy. Once she does, though, we'll get a very different perspective on the self-proclaimed virgin.

Dexter is getting good. Can you tease what's ahead? — Alex
Now that Lumen's abductors know she's still alive, the guilty parties will look to destroy the evidence of their crimes — namely those barrels of bodies in the swamp. That task is made slightly more difficult when their transport truck is hit by another car, spilling all the evidence onto the highway.

Will Damon ever be happy on The Vampire Diaries? — Sarah Jane
It's unlikely, Sarah Jane. But look for a sun-kissed beauty to lighten his mood. She won't flinch when Damon attempts to sabotage their flirtation with his acidic charm, but that's because her interest in him is not personal. Said beauty has come to town to investigate Mason Lockwood's disappearance, and this lady does not have a thing for bad guys.

Who can we set 90210's Silver up with next? She needs a nice guy and it seems like everyone is taken. — Julie
Let's just say that one of those spoken-for guys will soon be on the market again when his girlfriend lets him down in a time of need. But will stand-up gal Silver give in to the new mutual attraction and violate the girl code? Of course she will!

Any scoop on The Office? — Marie
MICKEY: On Thursday's episode, it's time for little Cece Halpert to be christened — well, if her parents can find her. "Jim loses the baby," executive producer Paul Lieberstein reveals. Meanwhile, Michael has a come-to-Jesus moment when he attends the ceremony that could be the beginning of the end of Michael Scott on The Office. But will it involve Holly — or someone else entirely?

Got anything juicy on The Good Wife? — Jessie
Cary has proven himself to be kind of a pain to Alicia so far this season, so it's weird that he might buddy-up with one of her Lockhart, Gardner & Bond colleagues: Kalinda. "This year, you actually see a friendship between these two characters," Archie Panjabi tells us. "They are definitely a lot closer and help each other out." Uh-oh, Alicia isn't going to like this one bit.

How long before the Powells' powers are revealed on No Ordinary Family? — Sheri
On the last episode of the year, an untrustworthy someone will catch a glimpse of Jim's face, sending him into a panic about the family secret being outed.

Do you have any non-Calleighko info on CSI: Miami? — Maria
The team will investigate the death of a millionaire who is attacked in his own pool by a 600-pound alligator. The lead suspect (other than the alligator, of course) is a Millionaire Matchmaker-type whose bill the victim hadn't paid. It gets weirder when Ryan discovers that one of his own ex-girlfriends has a strange connection to Mr. Gator Bait.

Any chance Michael and Nikita will ever play nice? —Amy
Would you believe they'll be fighting on the same side soon? In an upcoming, Michael-centric episode, Nikita will actually help Michael complete a mission — because she's one of the few people who knows how much it means to him personally.

I could really use a couple of Castle nuggets. — Mark
Then a couple you shall have. First, remember the role I teased about an alien abduction support group leader? The show has cheekily cast Millennium star Lance Henriksen to play the character. And second, Terri Miller, who penned the Season 2 Halloween episode that was rife with Firefly references, will also take on the upcoming episode that features Brothers & Sisters' Gilles Marini as a magician.

How much longer will William Baldwin be around on Parenthood? — Tami
Irony alert! After giving Adam such a hard time about completing layoffs, Gordon may soon be out of a job himself. The show is on the lookout for an actor to play a young, scruffy millionaire who takes over T&S Footwear and plans a complete overhaul of the company.

Will Coby Bell be back as Jesse on Burn Notice? —Alex
Yes. Jesse may hate Michael's guts for burning him and Michael may still be literally and figuratively sore about Jesse shooting him, but Michael is going to need all the help he can get when a familiar foe returns bent on vengeance.

What's coming up on my new favorite show, Blue Bloods? — Patrick
When some skeletal remains are found inside a wall, Frank comes down out of his commissioner's office to prove that they belong to a 9-year-old kid whose disappearance he investigated years ago. In the same episode, Danny is shocked when a victim who's pulled out of the water is holding his business card.

Adam's Mega Rave: AMC's apocalyptic zombie drama The Walking Dead provided plenty of scares during its Halloween premiere episode, but it's the noble desperation of the show's surviving humans that shifts the focus away from brain-eating and toward heart-warming. It's our new favorite show.

Mickey's Mini Rant: As Tim Gunn himself might put it, the season finale of Project Runway — including its winner — lacked that "wow factor."

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