Ben McKenzie, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Jonny Lee Miller Ben McKenzie, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Jonny Lee Miller

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What can we expect when Gotham returns? — Matty
Even though Gordon will be working a new gig at Arkham Asylum, it won't take him long to make a new friend: Dr. Leslie Thompkins (guest star Morena Baccarin), who, despite being a bit different from her comic book counterpart, is one of the good guys. "She doesn't fall into the corrupt Gotham world," Baccarin says. "She wants to make it a better place." Because she shares that mentality with Gordon, they become a natural pair. "They have this immediate connection... based on just how insane everything is around them," she says. "It's the beginning of a really great, great friendship." But now that Gordon's fiancée skipped town, could that "friendship" become more? "There's definitely chemistry — so I'm not going to say no!" Baccarin teases.

Now that Rumplestiltskin has joined forces with the Queens of Darkness on Once Upon a Time, how will they invade Storybrooke to find The Author? — Erin

"That's something that will be addressed pretty quickly," executive producer Adam Horowitz tells "It's going to require some guile on all of their parts." And just as Regina had a history with Maleficent, we'll discover that other Storybrooke residents have had run-ins with the Queens in the past. "Snow and Charming had a very interesting period of time with the Queens of Darkness," executive producer Edward Kitsis adds. "As we always learn on the show, the past will come back to haunt you, and that is no different for Snow and Charming."  

Anything cool coming up on Elementary? — Mona
Yep! An early 2015 episode will break with tradition and let the audience know who the killer is before Sherlock and Joan do. But why wait until then? We can exclusively reveal that Alicia Witt (JustifiedFriday Night Lights) has been cast as Dana Powell, a charming and manipulative sociopath who commits multiple murders as part of an intricate moneymaking scheme. But you can still expect plenty of twists and turns. In fact, thewho committing these crimes isn't nearly as important as the why.

I already miss The Walking Dead. Give me scoop! — Jacob
One has to wonder exactly how long Father Gabriel, whom Rick already didn't trust, will stay with the group. "In the new world, you stand on your own two feet and you are who you are. If you're a coward, we find out very quickly you're a coward," Andrew Lincoln says of Gabriel foolishly leaving the church and almost getting Carl and Michonne killed. So will the increasingly lethal Rick keep a coward around? "Rick has seen that this guy is not necessarily a villain," executive producer Scott M. Gimple says. "Gabriel is somebody who is just catching up to what the world is and his place within it. Rick still has a great deal of that humanity left. He isn't simply a monster, and I think that's good for Gabriel."

Help! I need some Vampire Diaries scoop to hold me over the winter hiatus! — Jillian
Did you see executive producer Julie Plec's string of teasing tweets? Particularly the one about lots and lots of kissing? We can confirm that there will be at least one long-anticipated hookup, but you'll have to wait a few episodes to see it. But trust us — this steamy scene will be well worth the wait.

I'm still reeling from everything that happened on the Nashville midseason finale! What's coming up? — Devon
After all that wedding drama, look for the show to try something different: One of the show's couples is heading to divorce court! (Were Avery and Juliette's nuptials too hasty?) Whoever the newly single man is, we bet he'd make a great wingman for Luke Wheeler, who we hear will be spending his nights going out on the town and flirting up a storm after Rayna's decision to not go through with the wedding.

Will we see any more of Delilah on NCIS? — Timmy

You're not the only one wanting to see more of the Delilah-McGee romance, Timmy. Even though she's currently working in Dubai, Sean Murray remains positive about the prospect of her return. "I'm sure we're going to see more of her," he says. "I wouldn't be surprised at all to see her this season. ... I like [McGee] and Delilah together. ... It's fun and I think it's a side of McGee we don't get to see very often. Usually the only love life he's got is what's going on with Abby that week." But McGabby fans can relax: There's no plans for McGee to get a tattoo for Delilah for now.

Another season, another great Mindy Project Christmas episode! What's coming up in the new year? — Amber
Danny will soon have to act out every child of divorce's worst nightmare when he and Mindy are forced to break bread with Danny's parents. Surprisingly, it's not the former husband and wife who will cause problems. That honor goes to Danny's young half-sister, who goes to extreme measures to get her way. Fortunately for everyone involved, Mindy knows all about that trick and sees right through her.

Is Finn really going to die in The 100 midseason finale? — Greg
We can't name names, but someone is definitely going to kick the bucket — and you won't believe how it happens. As for Finn, he isn't as scared of death as you'd expect. "I think that he wants to turn himself in [to The Grounders] because it's justice and he thinks that's what he deserves," Eliza Taylor says. But whether or not Clarke is willing to hand Finn over to The Grounders is another story.

I can't believe that the truth about Petra finally came out on Jane the Virgin! What's coming up for her next? — Emmy

Petra will have her hands full when another person from her past shows up — well, sort of. Although she might think she's seeing the ghost of Zazo, her ex-lover and Rafael's BFF, it's Zazo's lookalike brother who rolls into town. And unfortunately, Zazo's bro is wise to what was really going on between Petra and his late brother. Uh-oh!

Why did Chasing Life give us another Leo cliff-hanger?! Will he survive? — Sandy
We've been sworn to secrecy, but the winter premiere, which picks up a few months later, will answer that very question right away. But the passage of time will also show a new side of April, who has had to overcome quite a bit since beginning chemotherapy. "Her biggest challenge has been trying to submit her control," Italia Ricci says. "She's such a control freak and needs to take care of everything. She's had to lose that and give up control."

Any scoop on the Covert Affairs finale? — Evan
There is at least one death and plenty of close calls. And make sure to watch all the way to the end when multiple people will make several life-changing decisions. Let's just say the DPD could have a very different look in the yet-to-be-announced Season 6.

Mega Rave: Who would have thought that Martin Freeman would provide the best episode of SNL all season? Now, excuse me, I'm going to watchThe Office: Middle Earth for the 27th time.

Mini Rant: Why, Two and a Half MenWhy?!

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