Are Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy (Olivia Holt) about to leave New Orleans? Marvel's Cloak & Dagger wrapped Season 2 with a stacked finale that alluded to the pair traveling to a new location after facing their toughest battle yet.

Picking up right where we left off at the scene of the destroyed nightclub, Ty and Tandy realize that Andre's (Brooklyn McLinn) reach has now extended to all of New Orleans. With people still disappearing throughout the city, the duo turns to Ty's ex-girlfriend Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy), who's now married to the loa Samedi, for help. Ty is apprehensive at first — she told him to stay away, after all — until Tandy rightfully points out that they have greater issues to worry about than Ty's romantic woes.

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Evita confirms that Andre is now a loa imbued with power of the ancient voodoo gods but holds none of the responsibility that comes with it. In order to stop him, Cloak and Dagger must travel to the metaphysical world the god-like figure now calls home. Ty and Tandy do so, fully aware they risk being stuck in the alternate dimension for good if the candle anchoring their portal burns out while they're still in there.

Elsewhere, Brigid (Emma Lahana) has been feeling out of whack ever since merging with Mayhem, so she turns to Dr. Mina Hess (Ally Maki) for some guidance. Mina performs a brain scan on Brigid, concluding that while the rage is still there, her brain also contains empathy and compassion, meaning she's pretty much whole even if it doesn't feel that way.

Back in the despair world, Ty and Tandy find the gas station in ruins and the viewfinder also destroyed, their hopes of locating the record store and saving Andre's victims now diminished. The setback hits Tandy especially hard and she begins to doubt her abilities until Ty delivers a much-needed pep talk to boost her spirits. Armed with a new sense of hope, the pair uncovers an alternate route to the record store, which has been emptied out. It looks like Andre is no longer collecting records and upgraded to people, like Tandy's mom.

Now at the nightclub, Ty and Tandy are greeted by Andre who's not so receptive to their arrival. Tandy returns his cold greeting with a light bomb. However, Andre was prepared for her offensive move and transports Tandy to the last place she wanted to end up: face-to-face with her father. Meanwhile, Ty winds up back at home, confronted by an alternate version of himself. Now faced with the demons of their past, the pair must overcome their biggest fears in order to save themselves and the people Andre kidnapped.

Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph, <em>Marvel's Cloak & Dagger</em>Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

While fighting off the physical embodiment of their greatest fears — Ty's idealized version of himself and Tandy's not-so-perfect dad — they eventually reunite. Realizing they're able to see each other's issues more clearly, they switch fighting partners and that works to their advantage.

Meanwhile, Evita fights to keep the portal open but is threatened by a shadowy figure trying to snuff out the flame. She's aided by Brigid, who has now let Mayhem take control of her body. Mayhem fights off the figure, which has taken the form of her deceased beau, Fuchs (Lane Miller). Faux Fuchs tries to throw her off her game with pointed insults, but Mayhem is unfazed by it and launches a grenade, which momentarily neutralizes him.

Just when Ty and Tandy gain the upper hand in their respective bouts, Andre derails them by sending Tandy back into the motel room where she nearly lost all hope. Instead of being met with a nameless stranger, though, Tandy is met with her father, who resumes his attempts to break her down while Ty frantically searches for his lost BFF. Ty is again confronted by his alternate self, and it looks like Andre's twisted mind games might get the best of both of them. However, Cloak and Dagger cling onto hope, which empowers them to finally overcome their fears, thus breaking themselves from Andre's trance.

Ty and Tandy prepare to face off against Andre, who's also bracing for one final showdown. After disarming Andre of his trumpet, the weapon he uses to lure his victims, Tandy hurls a series of light daggers that go through him, and Andre thinks she missed her target. However, those daggers hit the entranced victims who, now filled with hope, finally awaken. In one final move, Ty uses a portal to hurl Tandy, who's now wielding a light sword, toward Andre. She stabs him in the chest, weakening him and allowing the duo to enter his mind. Tandy finds the record Andre plays the most and uses it dish out the same pain he'd inflicted onto others. The move destroys him, and Ty and Tandy are back at the church with Evita and Brigid after winning their most personal battle yet.

Their efforts pay off with Ty's name finally cleared and Lia serving time behind bars. However, Mayhem is still in the driver's seat of Brigid's body and continues dishing out harsh punishment for the city's worst criminals, like the corrupt cop she left hanging in the gallery. It's a problem that Cloak and Dagger will need to address later on. After warning local drug dealers to operate with a moral code, Ty sees that they're listening and refusing certain customers. Able to see his positive influence on the world, Ty also leaves the church to Father Delgado to use for his recovery.

Yearning for a change, Tandy hops on a bus headed outside the city to track down Brigid's tip about a bunch of dead girls found along a beach. Ty decides to join her, setting the stage for a change of scenery in a potential Season 3. The question is, can Cloak and Dagger be heroes elsewhere?