Who knew a couple little wishes could change so much in the world of Legacies? The latest monster of the week was a wish-granting jinni, aka a genie, and she just so happened to appear as Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd) was poised to have another breakdown over her endless battle with Hope (Danielle Rose Russell). Naturally, she wished her greatest foe away, which the jinni was more than happy to grant.

In the parallel world where Hope never came to the Salvatore School, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) never cut a $3 million check to Caroline (Candice King) in The Vampire Diaries' series finale, meaning the school for magical kids never really made it off the ground. The result was a crumbling, defunct boarding school that barely had any students. Josie (Kaylee Bryant) helpfully revealed that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) donated as much money as they could, but they had children of their own to take care of. Yay, Delena babies are officially canon! Well... maybe? Damn these wish-worlds! Lizzie tried to make the most of the situation, even using one of Hope's old spells to help find new recruits. Unfortunately, their first new recruit turned out to be Hope herself. As it turned out, not growing up at the school meant Hope followed a wicked path and transitioned into a vampire — a true, bloodthirsty tribrid — but she still decided to give the school a chance.

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Not happy with the sudden turn in her Hope-less world, Lizzie made another wish, deciding that if Hope was destined to end up at the Salvatore School, she'd just wish the entire school away for good.

In her second wish reality, she and Josie attended Mystic Falls High, where Josie was queen bee and Lizzie was... well, calling her a loser seems harsh. We did get a reference to someone named Stephanie Salvatore from Josie in this reality (who we can only assume is one of the aforementioned Delena babies), but it wasn't long before Hope showed up again. This time, she was recruiting Alaric (Matthew Davis) to be the new headmaster of the Mikaelson School, the academy Klaus started for Hope when he realized he couldn't send her to a "normal" school. Coincidentally enough, this school also existed in the Salvatore Boarding House, but this new reality also boasted one big change from the normal — Klaus was apparently alive and well and establishing a European branch. Klaus lives! Best of all, this wish world actually seemed like it was going to give us some Hosie...

Riann Steele, <em>Legacies</em>Riann Steele, Legacies

Unfortunately, Lizzie decided to use her third wish to create a world in which Hope Mikaelson had never been born, and that reality was somehow the worst of all. Klaus was apparently alive there too, but he'd turned his humanity off two years earlier and started a war that exposed supernaturals. Thanks to him, the Triad rose as a hateful group that hunted supernaturals into extinction. At least a newspaper headline seemed to imply Klaus was on the run with Caroline? Let the Klaroline fans do with that what they will...

In that apocalyptic hellscape, Lizzie discovered the truth about her and Josie's Gemini Coven past. Unfortunately, she only found out because, in that world, she'd killed Josie in a manic rage after becoming paranoid about their eventual merge ritual. While Lizzie did eventually find a way to wish the jinni had never been sent to Malivore at all, which erased the entire experience, her memories from these different realities aren't totally gone for good. The jinni said they'll start to fester in her head, and she may just be destined to repeat the same mistakes when she learns the truth about the Gemini Merge.

Would Lizzie ever actually kill Josie? If so, we can only hope there's another jinni on hand to erase it!

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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