Stormy Daniels dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to ruin your day with explicit details of the time she slept with Donald Trump back in 2006. In the clip, which also features a very charming Sarah Paulson, she took several digs at the Commander in Chief and revealed her reason for opening up about the incident despite signing a nondisclosure agreement to keep details of the affair under wraps.

"I have less beeps to give," she told Jimmy Kimmel.

After demonstrating on Kimmel how she allegedly spanked Trump with a magazine, she then revealed the surprising products Trump kept in his bathroom: grooming tools made of gold, Old Spice and Pert Plus 2-in-one shampoo and conditioner because even a supposed billionaire loves a good bargain.

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Daniels was then asked to pick Trump's penis out of a lineup of prop mushrooms which led to some fairly ear-splitting screams and Jimmy Kimmel looking like he wished he could rewind the last five minutes of his life. Paulson, proving herself a true American Horror Story stan, called the bit "so disturbing" while simultaneously giggling her way through it.

If you've outgrown your affinity for eating and want to know what Trump's penis looks like, check out the video above and then maybe delete your brain.

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