Like Conan O'Brien before him, Jimmy Fallon has brought The Tonight Show out of his home. On Monday night, Fallon, who has been hosting his late-night show out of his home for months, returned to the studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It was a much different show than those of the past, and not only because there was no live audience and the guests were Zooming in from their homes. Fallon showed up without his usual suit and tie, and sat on a stool as he somberly discussed how difficult it is to focus on other things in such a turbulent time. "I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but normalcy, any type of normalcy feels great," he said.

Similar to the situation at Conan, Fallon showed up wearing a mask before removing it to perform his monologue, and he explained that the show is taking CDC protocols seriously. Everyone on the crew was shown wearing a mask, and Fallon mentioned he and everyone in studio had tested negatively for the virus. Even house band The Roots were there (social distancing, of course). 

"I'm very, very happy to see you guys, I missed you. I sent a bunch of texts," Fallon joked to the band. "Didn't hear back."

Obviously, Fallon performed a song to mark the occasion: "It's Beginning to Look a Bit Like Normal," to the tune of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." (The joke is that it's not, in fact, beginning to look a bit like normal.)

Later, guest Charlize Theron called in with two of her dogs, whose names are Leo and Cleo, to talk about how she spoke to her daughters about the Black Lives Matter movement. "I think this is too important of a moment to not be completely transparent," said Theron, before The Old Guard star discussed the work her charity, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, is doing to help people in South Africa who were hit by COVID-19.

Fallon's second guest was Governor Andrew Cuomo, who joked that, "New York is really open now that you're doing your show." They discussed reopening the state after flattening the curve, and then Fallon asked Cuomo the hard-hitting question we were all wondering about: "What phase of dating are you currently in?" Cuomo laughed it off before quickly replying, "Zero. I'm at phase zero on dating."

So far, Conan and The Tonight Show are the only two late-night hosts to move their shows out of their homes. Stephen Colbert's The Late Show and Seth Meyers's Late Night continue to air remotely filmed episodes, while Jimmy Kimmel Live is airing remotely filmed episodes with guest hosts.