Jerry Seinfeld's life sucks. Maybe not as much as your life sucks, but his is bad. Because everyone's life sucks. But life is also great. And there's a very fine line between things sucking and things being great. That's the gist of the full official trailer for 23 Hours to Kill, the car collector's first stand-up special of entirely new material since 1998, which arrives on Netflix Tuesday, May 5.

This is the second trailer for the special. The first, more conceptual trailer found the guy who used to do American Express commercials with Superman being tortured by a James Bond-style supervillain, before switching to footage from the special of him complaining about how public toilet stall dividers don't go all the way to the floor. What's the deal with that?

"Who designed the bathroom stall with the under-display viewing window?" he wonders. "So we can all see the lifeless collapsed pant legs and tragic little shoe fronts that are just barely poking out from underneath the impotent belt, lying helpless? How much more money is it to bring this wall down another foot?"

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The comedian previously appeared in a 2017 Netflix special titled Jerry Before Seinfeld, which was a mixture of stand-up material and a career retrospective as he returned to the club that gave him his start in the 1970s.

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill premieres on Netflix on Tuesday, May 5. Find out what else is coming to Netflix in May right here.

<em>Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill</em>Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill