Whether or not Friends fans will ever get to see the cast reunite on screen is still a major question mark — actress Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she and her co-stars would so be willing to return to Central Perk, but the show's co-creator, Marta Kaufmann, has consistently put the kibosh on the idea. With WarnerMedia on the rise, though, anything can still happen.

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For now, at least, Aniston has offered her own update on the story. On The Today Show on Tuesday, the actress said she believes her character, Rachel Green, and David Schwimmer's Ross Geller have managed to make it work for all these years after that epic series finale, and they are "absolutely" still together.

Friends fans would be forgiven for not being sure that the "lobsters" could make it last; after all, over the course of the 10-season series, they repeatedly got together only to drift apart again and again as a result of Italian guys, orthodontists, and tiffs over that "break" they may or may not have been on during the copy girl incident. But according to Aniston, the two managed to put aside all those histrionics and commit to one another at last, just like they promised each other they would after she got off that plane.

Clap clap clap clap!

Of course, it would still be preferable to actually see this relationship status confirmed on screen, since Friends fans were largely deprived of the chance to see what life would be like for the two if and when they got it together. So don't count on this news to quell those calls for a reunion any time soon.

Friends is currently streaming on Netflix.

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