Brace yourselves,Supernatural fans, because some new details about John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)'s forthcoming return to the show's big 300th episode bonanza have dropped, and it sounds like it's gonna be a right doozy.

In Entertainment Weekly's new Supernatural cover issue, the magazine offers some juicy tidbits about what's ahead for the character's pseudo-revival. And while he will be aged up to match what he might look like after all this time has passed, he will not be among the realm of the living.

As executive Producer Andrew Dabb previewed, "Our guys are put in a position where they essentially can have a wish granted. They're actually expecting something else, but [John's return] comes from a place of want by Dean. The need for closure is really what brings John back into their lives."

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The trio will reunite in the Men of Letters bunker a.k.a. "The Batcave" and reminisce about all the old man has missed over the years since his departure, the travails and the triumphs, and per Jared Padalecki, Sam will get "chance to forgive" as a result of this unexpected opportunity. Moreover, John will get the happy news that Mary is alive, and according to Samantha Smith, it'll be "very romantic."

So, yes, brace for happy feels to flood the place. But the bad thing is that the very same wish mechanism that brings John back will also somehow open the door for the return of the angel Zachariah (Kurt Fuller), and we're guessing he won't be too thrilled about being stabbed by that angel blade. Apparently Castiel (Misha Collins) will have some curious reactions to everything as well.

Jensen Ackles describes "the whole episode is a dream that [Dean] doesn't want to wake up from. But he knows he has to." Indeed, after this family reunion is done, the brothers will have to get back to their ordinary business of hunting down all the things that go bump in the night — only this time, they'll have some "closure," per Morgan, that they didn't have before.

Supernatural's 300th episode airs Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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