Words cannot express how much ass superagent Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) is going to kick in Season 2 of Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, so the new trailer doesn't even bother with them.

The largely wordless minute-long teaser shows us everything we want to see from the show anyway: explosions, chaos in the streets of a foreign nation, guns being cocked, guns being pointed, guns being fired, explosions, people jumping out of planes, people going underwater, people getting killed by guns and explosions, explosions, Jack Ryan running, and Jack Ryan putting on sunglasses. Oh hell yeah. Bad guys, you're f---ed.

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It's only in the final seconds of the trailer that we get any dialogue, and it's just Jack and Jack's boss, James Greer (Wendell Pierce), exchanging pleasantries in that funny trailer way. "It's good to see you again, Jack," James says, speaking for all of us. "Yeah, you too," Jack replies. Oh you guys, stop!

While Season 1 saw Jack spend most of his time in France and the Middle East chasing down ISIS agents and stopping an ebola virus from breaking out in New York, Season 1 is headed to South America (and regular America, the U.K., and Russia), where the president of an unstable Venezuela is up to no good.

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Maybe Season 2 will actually tap into Krasinski's charm to make Jack Ryan less of a boring American hero.

Season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan does not yet have a premiere date.