Question: My husband, brother and I have a little disagreement. I say Rin Tin Tin was on Saturday mornings and they say it was on Friday evenings. Who is right? I really hate losing. Thanks.

Answer: Depending upon how you look at it, you are both correct, Chris, so it looks like neither side has to choke down a big ol' steaming slice of loser's pie. (I'm not too partial to the flavor myself.)

The original Adventures of Rin Tin Tin brought the popular big-screen pooch and his boy pal Rusty (Lee Aaker) to ABC's Friday-night schedule in October 1954, and it stayed there for just shy of five years. For two years beginning in September 1959, ABC reran episodes on Saturday afternoons. CBS then picked it up for another two years in 1962 and broadcast reruns on Saturday mornings. The show resurfaced in 1976 and the Family Channel produced a new series, Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop in the late '80s.

Of course, if you count only originally produced episodes of the old show and not the reruns, the boys are right. But if you stand your ground (and isn't your pride worth it?), I say it's a draw.