[Warning: This post contains spoilers for this Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk!]

Update: In Episode 11, titled "The Reckoning," flashbacks reveal that Asher was murdered by his FBI handler, Agent Pollock. She came to his apartment under the pretense of relocating him after his friends discovered he was the mole, but she killed him with the fire poker instead. Earlier in the season, she tried to get into Annalise's apartment by pretending to be looking for her Airbnb and later promised to send files about Bonnie to Xavier Castillo, Laurel's brother.

How to Get Away with Murder threw us all for a loop in its final season by killing off Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) in its midseason finale. As if that wasn't enough, Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) is apparently alive and well, Annalise is in FBI custody, and Connor (Jack Falahee) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) are headed for prison. We've got about a million theories about how all of this will play out, but first, we have to figure out who killed Asher.

Though we still don't know a lot about what happened in the hours before Asher's death, we do know that he was already injured and he'd confessed to being the FBI's mole. Whatever happened between him leaving the kids' house and winding up dead in his own hallway, those missing clues will surely reveal who murdered him and why. Right now, everyone's a suspect except, surprisingly, Connor and Michaela, who have been arrested for the crime.

We can't rule anyone out at this point, though, so here are all of our best guesses about who killed Asher Millstone.

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Starting with the most obvious — and therefore the least likely — there's a small chance that Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) inadvertently murdered Asher. When the kids found out that Asher was the mole, Oliver hit him in the head with the fire poker. Asher got right back up and seemed fine, but could that head wound have been more serious than we thought? A slow brain bleed could explain things easily, but it doesn't explain how the fire poker got to the stairwell where Asher's body was found or the fact that this murder was apparently incredibly violent, meaning this theory doesn't hold too much water.


We know Asher went to Bonnie's (Liza Weil) house after his confrontation with the other kids, and that she called Frank to take him home after figuring out that he was the mole. He'd previously been spouting some very anti-Annalise justifications for his decision to work with the FBI, and we all know Bonnie would do anything to protect Annalise (Viola Davis) — even possibly killing her ex.


After Bonnie called Frank (Charlie Weber) to take Asher home, the two had some pretty charged interactions before Frank "left." Frank is usually the person to use murder as a means of shutting someone up, so it's possible Frank took care of Asher to keep him from giving the FBI any more information. The fact that Frank was already at the kids' house, gave him ample time to grab the fire poker before heading over to Bonnie's.

Matt McGorry, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Matt McGorry, How to Get Away with Murder


The dark horse in this race is definitely Gabriel (Rome Flynn), if only because he lived right next door to Asher giving him plenty of time and access to commit the crime. Not only did he find out there may have been more to his father's murder than expected, but he also got an unexpected visit from Asher that night after Frank dropped him off. It's very possible that Gabriel was the last person to see Asher alive, making him the prime suspect in this murder.


Laurel's evil brother, Xavier (Gerardo Celasco), has been casting a long shadow over Season 6, so we have to consider him as the murderer. He's clearly got the means to put a hit on Asher, and as a criminal mastermind, murder isn't exactly outside his wheelhouse. The FBI digging around in his business wouldn't sit well with Xavier, and he'd certainly be willing to go to any means to halt their investigation.

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This one seems far-fetched, but it's How to Get Away with Murder, which means anything can happen. Now that we know Wes is alive, you have to contend with the realization that we don't know anything about where he's been or what he's been up to since he was presumed dead. At first glance, it doesn't seem like he has much motive to kill Asher, but he's clearly capable of unhinged behavior if he could let all his friends think he was dead for over a year.


Somehow, Annalise seems like the most likely and least likely person to commit this murder. On paper, she seems more guilty than anyone. Asher was informing on her to the FBI, and he was attempting to solicit similar betrayals from the others. She also told her car to turn around and make a mysterious stop before getting on her plane, which would have given her time to fit in a quick murder before catching her flight. Not to mention, immediately fleeing the country after the kid who's been ratting your out winds up dead seems super suspicious. On the other hand, this just doesn't feel like Annalise's style. Say what you want about her methods, she's always tried to protect these kids, so violently murdering one of them feels out of character.

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday, April 2 at 10/9c on ABC.

Alfred Enoch, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Alfred Enoch, How to Get Away with Murder