For Hawaii Five-0 fans who are wondering whether we'll see any more of Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) before the end of the season, we've got some scoop for you: That's an affirmative.

We hear that there are two, big Adam-centric story lines coming up before the end of the season, and one of them involves him and Kono (Grace Park) revisiting the idea of having a child. It's something they've discussed in the past, but with Adam only appearing on the show sporadically this season, there hasn't been a lot of time for family planning.

"It's definitely still on their mind, and we sort of hint at that idea," showrunner Peter Lenkov tells us.

Catch up on all this week's Mega Buzz!The first big episode featuring Adam will air on April 14 and the second is the penultimate episode of the season. So, Adam-Kono fans: Mark your calendars!

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