Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and Kono (Grace Park) finally get their long-anticipated reunion on Friday's episode of Hawaii Five-0 - but it's under, shall we say, interesting circumstances.

After a chemical spill prompts an evacuation at the prison where Adam's serving his sentence, he and the rest of the inmates are transported by bus to another location. But as they're en route, one of the buses is ambushed, leading Adam and "a bunch of other inmates that we've met through the years" to escape, showrunner Peter Lenkov tells But, with the Five-0 crew in hot pursuit, why does Adam choose to run?

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"It's a manhunt through the jungle," Lenkov promises. "Adam's one of the escapees, and you're not sure if he's doing it on his own or he's being forced to do it."

The escape is "definitely going to reunite Kono and Adam," Lenkov promises. But surely Adam isn't so desperate to see her that he would risk adding extra time to his sentence ... would he?

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