A girl has a name, and there's a good chance it's Arya.

The U.S. Social Security Administration on Friday released its list of most popular baby names of 2018 (congrats to all you parents of baby Emma and Liam!), and, as some intrepid data analysts pointed out on social media, there are more than a few references to Game of Thrones.

Whether or not Game of Thrones' series finale (in just nine days!) manages to live up to fans' expectations, there's no doubt that the massively popular show is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. The proof is in the ratings, the T-shirts and tattoos, the endless theorizing by fans and media alike. But there's perhaps no better evidence of our collective obsession than the fact that we are naming our children after characters in the show.

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Case in point: Arya, the name of the diminutive but tough assassin played by Maisie Williams on the show, is now also the name of 2,545 girls born in 2018 (plus 49 boys). For comparison, only 273 baby girls (and 88 boys) were given the name in 2010, the year before Game of Thrones premiered. For the alternate spelling Aria, those numbers jump to 7,394 girls in 2018 compared to 903 in 2010. And it appears the actress herself has made quite the impression; there were 622 baby girls named Maisie in 2018 compared to 123 in 2010.

Meanwhile, in apparent homage to the titles of Daenerys Targaryen and Drogo, 560 baby girls were named Khaleesi and nine baby boys were named Khal in 2018, compared to zero babies for either name in 2010, according to the Social Security data. And 163 baby girls were given the name Daenerys in 2018 (plus eight more babies for alternate spelling Daenarys), compared to, of course, zero kids in 2010. And it seems actress Emilia Clarke, who plays the Mother of Dragons, has also inspired fans: 4,020 baby girls were named Emilia in 2018, compared to 926 in 2010.

Here's a look at these and more baby names seemingly inspired by Game of Thrones, and how their popularity has changed (and not always for the better) since the show debuted:

2018: 2,594 baby boys and girls
2010: 361 baby boys and girls

2018: 620 babies
2010: 902 babies

2018: 560 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 441 babies
2010: 188 babies

Lyanna (and Lyana)
2018: 351 babies
2010: 66 babies

Daenerys (and Daenarys)
2018: 171 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 58 babies
2010: 11 babies

2018: 33 babies
2010: 20 babies

2018: 30 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 29 babies
2010: 0 babies

Catelyn (and Catelynn)
2018: 21 babies
2010: 163 babies

2018: 17 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 15 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 15 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 14 babies (plus 7 with the feminine Theona)
2010: 0 babies

2018: 13 babies
2010: 5 babies

2018: 11 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 11 babies
2010: 11 babies

2018: 10 babies
2010: 8 babies

2018: 9 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 8 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 7 babies
2010: 0 babies

2018: 6 babies
2010: 0 babies

There are plenty of names from the world of Game of Thrones that didn't make the list, some of which perhaps aren't surprising; Cersei, Melisandre, Eddard, Drogo, Joffrey, Gendry, Missandei, Rickon, Margaery, and Grey Worm are nowhere to be found.

Giving your baby a GoT name is one way to express your fandom (though please don't name your baby Grey Worm), but if you'd rather not saddle your offspring with the lifelong burden of a name culled from one of the bleakest and most violent stories on TV, the list also includes multiple baby names inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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