3:50: Fox Upfront. The words still send shivers down my spine. As you recall, the network's presentation last year was widely considered to be the single-most grueling Upfront in the history of Upfrontmanship. The post-traumatic stress still hasn't worn off.

3:51: Good news. The folks at Fox have clearly learned from their mistakes. In stark contrast to last year, the check-in process was easy-breezy. Even better, the air conditioning is working! Now if we can wrap this thing up in under two hours almost all will be forgiven.

4:01: I'm in complete denial about the VM thing, BTW. Just thought I'd share. Ooooh, the show is starting... with a 24 parody!

4:05: Jack Bauer urges Fox president Peter Liguori to keep this year's presentation under an hour! LOL!

4:06: They're bringing all their stars out on stage. Fox always has a good talent turnout at these things.

4:08: Well, most years they have a good turnout. The only Prison Breaker in attendance is Sucre ( Amaury Nolasco)!

4:09: No Kiefer Sutherland, but Mary Lynn Rajskub's present. The cast of House is in the, er, house - sans Hugh Laurie. - Michael Ausiello

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