We were expecting many things from this year's Emmys, but a Friends reunion was definitely not one of them! That's exactly what we got though in a cute bit from Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston presented the first award of the night, but just before announcing the winner, Kimmel reminded her she needed to get home because she was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and that's where her Emmy would go if she won. She hoofed it out of there, and an hour or so later in the show, Kimmel called her up to make sure she got home in time. 

Not only did she arrive home safe and sound, she wasn't alone!

Her Friends' co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow hopped onto the Zoom call with her because that's what good roommates do, right? When Kimmel asked what the heck they were doing there, Aniston matter-of-factly reminded Kimmel that they'd all been roommates since 1994... duh! It was a cute little nod to one of our most beloved '90s show.  

It also made us more eager than ever for HBO Max's upcoming Friends reunion. We'll just have to settle for rewatching the series over and over again until they're finally able to film it.

Friends is currently streaming on HBO Max.