Elvis Presley Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley lives! At least virtually.

The "Jailhouse Rock" singer, who passed away in 1977, will be brought back to life in hologram form, according to Reuters. Digital Domain, the company that resurrected Tupac Shakur for a hologram performance during April's Coachella festival, has similar plans for the King.

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The company, which is working in partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises, will reportedly create various holograms of Presley at different points in his life. These hologram recreations will then be able to "perform" across various platforms, including TV, live shows and online."This is a new and exciting way to bring the magic and music of Elvis Presley to life," Jack Soden, president and chief executive of Elvis Presley Enterprises, said in a statement. "His lifelong fans will be thrilled all over again and new audiences will discover the electric experience of Elvis the performer."Could this be the fulfillment of 30 Rock's prediction? The NBC comedy's Season 1 episode "Seinfeldvision," featured Jack Donaghy (

Alec Baldwin) virtually inserting clips of Jerry Seinfeld into a variety of NBC programming. If The King does return to TV, we hope it will be something a little more exciting than a guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU.Would you watch new programming featuring an Elvis hologram?