If you've ever thought, "This election cycle could really use Senator Elizabeth Warren's unfiltered take on billionaires' haircuts," Stephen Colbert has a plan for that. The host of The Late Show sat down with the Democratic presidential candidate this week in Colbert's home state of South Carolina, where nothing was off the table — literally.

In front of a massive spread of southern food, Colbert schooled Warren in the unique joys of boiled peanuts, while Warren used Colbert's barbecue ribs as a metaphor for her ultra-millionaire tax. When the host objected after Warren took a tiny corner of one of his ribs, she grabbed for his fork. "That's universal childcare, you jerk!"

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But the most entertaining part of the wide-ranging segment came when Colbert challenged Warren to guess billionaires based on his clues — and Warren didn't hold back. Prompted to name a billionaire who's "like the underbelly of a hairless cat," the Massachusetts senator stroked her chin: "Oh gosh, that's so many."

Check out the clip above for Warren's hilariously wrong guess about the billionaire who "never shows emotion" and "looks like he cut his own bangs with toenail clippers." And no, she doesn't have an explanation for Tom Steyer's tie either.

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Stephen Colbert, Senator Elizabeth WarrenStephen Colbert, Senator Elizabeth Warren