Paul Michael Glaser by Mike Guastella/ Paul Michael Glaser by Mike Guastella/

And if he is, does Hutch know?

Sources tell me exclusively that Paul Michael Glaser has been tapped to guest-star on TNT's The Closer this season, in the July 21 episode.

The set-up: When a recently paroled murderer is found dead in an alley, the parents of the girl he previously killed wind up in Brenda Leigh's sights. Glaser plays the dad, while Amy Aquino (aka ER's Dr. Janet Coburn) is the mom.

The Closer, of course, is known for enlisting some of the best (if not "garden variety") guest stars in the biz and giving them gold to work with. Not only am I anxious to see what PMG does here, but I can also see Aquino keeping us guessing every step of the way as well. The Season 4 premiere, on July 14, can't get here soon enough. - Matt Mitovich