Celebrities, they're just like us. That means they'll also start insane fights, have breakdowns and backstab each other when locked in the same house for weeks. That's why Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is such a treasure, and TV Guide is going to help you get to know the latest volunteers for CBS' social experiment.

We talked to the 12 celebrities entering the infamous house for the experiment to find out some key things: why they think they can win and what's going to annoy them the most about their new roommates. Given that most of the crew have reality show experience, they're not too worried about what they'll be caught doing or saying on the live feeds, though we now know that Anthony Scaramucci has flatulence. It's a thing we can't un-know now, and we all must go on with this burden of knowledge together.

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It turns out that Joey Lawrence can't deal with slobs, which means we've updated our betting pool on him losing his mind within the first week. He'll go right after Jonathan Bennett, who can't deal with people eating cereal? Tom Green doesn't want anyone banging pans in the middle of the night, which means he might be a little bit vulnerable when it comes to the psychological warfare masterminds of the house. Olympic star Lolo Jones is worried the masses will find out she's crazy, as if they didn't already know from MTV's The Challenge: Champs vs Pros.

Who do you think will make it to the end of this insanity?

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition kicks off its two-night premiere event Monday, Jan. 21 at 8/7c on CBS.

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<em>Big Brother: Celebrity Edition</em> Season 2 CastBig Brother: Celebrity Edition Season 2 Cast