On April 18, fans of ABC's Castle were stunned to learn that co-star Stana Katic would not be returning to appear along side Nathan Fillion, should the series receive a season 9 pick up.

The reported reason for the departure came down to budget (doesn't it always?), and there are still the burning questions of what her exit means for the show — not to mention what really went on behind the scenes.

But none of that matters, because when the May 16 season finale hits no matter the backstage drama, we'll have to say goodbye to Detective Kate Beckett for good. Before that, let's take a moment to remember the journey our fave investigator has gone on these past few years:

Castle: 10 burning questions we have about Stana Katic leaving.

1. We remember first meeting you; just a pretty detective with badge, right?

2. But, you were more than good looks, Kate. You were also a true, one of a kind badass.

3. And then we realized you were always the smartest in the room, too.

4. Even dogs were fans!

5. You weren't afraid to show emotion. And when you cried, we cried.

6. ....And you always knew how to make us laugh.

7. Kate Beckett, we're going to miss your smile...

8. ...And your dry sense of humor.

9. But most of all, we are just going to miss you.

10. Farewell, Beckett. Here's hoping you and Castle get to ride off into the sunset, the right way.