This Monday (May 16) marks the end of Castle. And while we've already mourned for Stana Katic, who was originally departing the show even if it went to season nine, there's still one order of business to handle: the end of Caskett. Forever.

Castle: 10 Reasons We'll Miss Kate Beckett.

Despite what may have been going on behind the scenes, Katic and Nathan Fillion have always made us care for Caskett (their official couple name, natch), and when we look back...

We remember that, when they first met, few would have ever imaged what was to come.

But we would soon realized these two were meant for each other.

Even if they didn't.

We waited so long for them to come together,

And we celebrated when they did.

Since that fateful kiss, we've seen Caskett go through a lot.

Sure they still didn't agree on everything.

But no matter what, they always made sure the one they loved was safe.

Losing Caskett is going to be one of the hardest things we've ever had to do.

But at least we will always remember them fondly.